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  1. Tom

    Flannel sheets?

    DW adores flannel sheets; my guess is a quarter of guests would too, but the other 3/4 would definitely not, so ... no flannel sheets. There's a lot in hospitality that goes to the lowest common expectation. I did serve a Japanese breakfast last week, though, but I got an OK in advance. Not...
  2. Tom

    There’s nothing to eat!

    And I should add, if I had been informed that the daughter was vegan, I could have accommodated her; I would have talked with her personally about what she might like. But I think for her, nothing is what she wanted to eat.
  3. Tom

    There’s nothing to eat!

    It's a good strategy. Same here, children allowed by approval -- typically, no, if we are busy, but mainly, parent's who call also tend to be polite and manage kids better.
  4. Tom

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    Definitely laughed out loud! I always thought your bucket of nice was a half-pint jelly jar -- that's why you've been my innspiration all these years.
  5. Tom

    There’s nothing to eat!

    My version of nothing to eat: on a busy weekend I'll put out a nice, traditional buffet. I'm tending it and a mom/daughter come through. Mom – fit, tan, So.Cal. -- is carrying the plate for the daughter -- late teens, and skinny. Mom talks, daughter doesn't say a word, but I can see her face...
  6. Tom

    Just saw this online and wanted to share

    $1,000,000/night, tempting. We haven't raised our rates recently, but maybe ...
  7. Tom

    Sleeper Sofas & Futons

    We have a queen sleeper in a large room that also has our usual California king. Having that extra bed has been helpful for bookings. The sleeper was expensive but after about five years the mattress and the springs gave out. Replacing the mattress portion was not practical but by adding a...
  8. Tom

    Hard to know where to look

    Had to laugh! We had a couple a few years ago who came to our area specifically for the work of a well-known tattoo artist. He had been working with the same guy for several years and had both arms covered in a custom styled full-color mash up of Star Wars and Futurama. We also had a goth...
  9. Tom

    2 Interviews Scheduled; 2 No-Shows

    As usual, Mort has it. It's not the extra unemployment money, it's the fact that service workers have always had a fragile social and economic situation and a year and a half pandemic made it worse and wrecked the ad hoc support system that most people used to give them the hours and flexibility...
  10. Tom

    Going in alone

    Don't know if Foxfire is still following, I will second all the advice above and add that it's critical to establish a local network of support for housekeeping and repairs and find somebody who can back you up when you need to leave town or want to take some time off or have a last-minute...
  11. Tom

    Cracking eggs one-handed

    A five room inn, 12 years, and solo breakfast, I've cooked thousands and thousands of eggs. I always thought cracking eggs one-handed was sort of a showoff gimmick, but when I broke my arm last month it became a B&B owner life skill. I still have to serve breakfast and the crowds have been...
  12. Tom

    Best of times/worst of times?

    True here as well. In June-July 2021 we made almost as much money as we did in June-July 2018 and 2019 together. No wonder I'm tired! Guest attitudes are about the same – good. We've always been lucky with the guests I think. 2021, even a little less of what I call "royalty", because I think...
  13. Tom

    Hello! New Innkeepeers here!

    Mort! I didn't know (have been away from forum). You were my early innspiration. Peace!
  14. Tom

    Right to refuse service list?

    most important thing I tell new Innsitters: be friendly, but keep moving or you'll be there all day, don't chat at breakfast or they usually won't eat and the food will get cold. With some extremely talkative quests, I'll set the kitchen timer and go serve ... beep, beep -- oops must go back to...
  15. Tom

    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    Yes, 5 rooms or fewer. No papers needed. Behavior is everything: working dogs work, pets, loaf and fool around and act like ... dogs.