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  1. virginia

    Just Opened Inn(Oh yes I did) Sheridan Wyoming!

    Congratulations, hope that your first year is inn-spiring!
  2. virginia

    What types of souvenirs do you collect when you travel?

    Finding the local brew and bringing home the beer mats - later I look at them and it puts me right back in the spot where I got them.
  3. virginia

    Public and Private Space at the Inn

    Our apartment has a sign on the door proclaiming "Private Residence" and the first room through the door is our office, so it is not the end of the world if a guest ventures in. Not many do, they call us on '0' if they need something. There is a terrace however that belongs exclusively to one of...
  4. virginia

    New Year's Eve Bookings

    Happy New Year to all.
  5. virginia

    New Year's Eve Bookings

    We do serve alcohol, and hors d'ouevres but not dinner and we have six out of ten rooms booked, we expect to pick up a couple more one nighters before the week-end starts. The ski resort has been making snow but there is not much natural stuff around. We had one cancellation because of the lack...
  6. virginia

    Another PITA, grrrrrr.....

    I have one thing to say about guests bringing bedding from home - its the fastest way to get bedbugs at your inn. Don't allow it and then they can't mistake your pillows for theirs.
  7. virginia

    Door slammers competition

    Great ideas - thanks B. Diva They are coming next year as they wrote it in the guest book - "See you for Savage Man 2012" That says it all doesn't it?
  8. virginia

    Wish Me Luck!

    Good for you! Do you think the same applies if a guest shows up with a toddler in tow when the contract says "Children over 12 years welcome"?
  9. virginia

    Door slammers competition

    This week end there was a two day triathalon event in our area and we had several guests who were competing. Of course they all wanted oatmeal, granola, yogurts, fresh muffins and fruit at 6.15am on both days. The inn was full with others not involved in the event, nevertheless those selfish...
  10. virginia

    Takes All Kinds

    Don't let them get you down. They are disfunctional and probably too insecure to allow anyone else to feel good. Sounds like they had they best of both worlds amazing food and a happy face serving it up. Kudos to you
  11. virginia

    Concealed Handgun Laws

    We keep a vacation guide in each bedside drawer. When I went to replace a guide left on the floor (during a fluff) I wisked open the drawer and to my dismay came face to face with a revolver left in there. Guests had gone out for the day. Scared me because it was the last thing I expected. I...
  12. virginia

    fee for cleaning?

    Here is a link for the rubberized pads to protect the mattress. Not expensive and definitely worth it for the protection against life's little accidents.
  13. virginia

    Elves, fairies and gnomes at the inn.

    Does any one else get this from guests? Several people who have been to stay here ask us inn-slaves, who it is patently obvious run and do everything, "When do they light the fire?" or "What time do they serve breakfast out on the terrace?" or "Do they have special recipes that come with the...
  14. virginia

    Fish don't know they're in water

    Along other watery lines, "If you find yourself in deep water - become a diver."
  15. virginia

    Please deliver me from....

    Got an internal call complaining that there was no dial tone on their room phone and even though we said we were full, were we really full because they would like to upgrade their room? The guy IS a rocket scientist here. I went to check the room and found the line was not plugged into the...