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    Did I get kicked out of TA?

    we bought our B&B recently ( closed August 6th ) and received close to 40 reviews in the past 3 months on TA and Google. We do send out an email after departure and ask for a review. TA is so extremely important for business and people usually hate leaving reviews but everybody wants to read...
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    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    got another one just now "Quail" - googled it and it says they like insects o_Oo_O We have a lot of stinkbugs right now - that'll take care of it ;):ROFLMAO:
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    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    just got a reservation for next week. They are on a KETO diet and at the same time she orders our German Brotzeit We have no idea what they may or may not eat with a KETO diet. Does anybody know ? Thank you
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    What does your check in look like now?

    we do business as usual. We do not wear a mask ( unless guest is requesting it ) and we do ask every guest if they want the room cleaned during their stay. Most do not. We have sanitizer in common areas and guest rooms Guests seem to be happy the way we do it except one older lady who stayed...
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    Looking to buy a b&b

    we worked with innpartners - not the best experience (n)
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    Looking for Unique Property - Wanna Sell Yours?

    Yes, we did. We closed 4 weeks ago
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    SPAM or not ?

    We discussed SPAM email inquiries and few days ago and I had a good example :) ( post #6: Transferring Accounts? ) Today I got this one: Hi, I would like to reserve 2 rooms for 19th to 29th November Me and my family of 5 will be spending 10 nights, Please provide a grand total for the type of...
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    Transferring Accounts?

    usually they send a check and way higher $$ then the original booking amount. It is a check from a foreign country. They tell you this is a business trip and their company made out the check higher because it includes their travel expenses like rental car, flights, meals etc. They now ask you to...
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    Transferring Accounts?

    Haha - got this email this morning and my first thought was: SCAM !! Reservation Inquiries From: james park <[email protected]> Sent: Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 3:57 am To: undisclosed-recipients Hello there, Please assist to book 5 single/double rooms male and female in...
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    Am I Becoming Extinct?

    AirBnB and VRBO started collecting and remitting taxes in some states a while ago. I guess this is because many of them collected but never reported any taxes
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    complete bedrooms for sale

    we are closing on our B&B soon and want to redo every bedroom. Where would be the best place to sell upscale furniture ? My first guess would be craigslist, but .... May be another innkeeper would be interested ? 6 bedrooms incl. decoration, all furniture ( romantic style ). Will send URL per...
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    buying a B&B - Gift card question

    Thank you so much for your responses - very helpful We will insist on 100% of the GC values. I don't think we are vying against other buyers - not during the current pandemic. Law in our state has very little regulation of gift cards. Thanks again for your help and thoughts - very much...
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    buying a B&B - Gift card question

    We are about to close on our B&B. The seller issued Gift Certificates for around $25,000. At closing he wants to credit only 75% of the unused value - that would leave us about $6,250 short. Is this common ? He says it’s unlikely that 100% of these unredeemed certificates will be used. To be...
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    I'm not THAT desperate, yet!

    That would have been my reply - hope you enjoy ....
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    Whole house rentals

    we do vacation rentals in Florida and Georgia. VRBO ist the best place to list 90% of my business goes through them. AirBnb the remaining 10%