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    There’s nothing to eat!

    Ha! It's so nice to hear that viewpoint! We have a six year old, so, as a parent traveling with one of those little humans, I was going to keep quiet on this thread. I agree parents make the difference...we have also had our share of overly energetic kids, but I wouldn't ban them. Now, if I...
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    Hotels moving away from daily cleanings...

    Guess who just read this and thought...ah, laminated note, great idea 🙋‍♀️ . I've done the same, but not laminated. I've been printing and cutting out little quarter page sheets for a year,to leave in the guest's room. And have been frusterated that we need to change them after almost every...
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    What would you have done?

    I'm sure you have put quite a lot thought into this, but if most of your customers want it....don't let your interpretation of what good food is get in the way of what customers want. I struggle with this too. I live in a country where fried hotdogs are a popular breakfast side dish (instead...
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    What would you have done?

    Let me tell you what I've done that has not worked and how you did much better than me :) . I've said, sure, just let me warn you, we do have a small fee for special orders. That's how we first handled it. NO ONE IS HAPPY WITH SMALL FEES FOR SPECIAL ORDERS. It is very effective in reducing...
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    Looking for some help

    When people want personalized service and they are looking for an 'experience' not just a stay, they book a B&B, when they want to connect with people and a unique lodging they also book any small, independent lodging option, and when they want to feel safe in a new environment they book small...
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    What are your marketing efforts worth?

    Yes. I think it is different. When I am spending a lot of money, in something I haven't done before, I am wary of things that are different. THat being said, maybe it would attract more of the investor type.
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    Sold EZPZ

    Sometimes it is just time to move on, don't I know it! Best wishes!
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    interview Questions

    From my experience, I can tell you what I've done wrong :) . I think we have been pretty good at making sure people have had the basic skills or training them. It's the other 'stuff' that is the issue. In my years in business, I have fired many people, something that I was hesitant to do at...
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    Small Motel for Sale in WV

    I checked out the pictures. What a beautiful place! I just love the bathroom walls. Did you do the design yourself? If I were looking for an opportunity to get in the business in your area, I think this would be a top contender. It's set up to be self-check in, but there are tons of...
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    Got our first 1 star review!

    One star reviews suck...but fair or not, there is a lesson here. Don't put guests on sh*t lists, unless there is a real safety concern. Most would never visit you again anyway, it's not a good fit for them either.At least I have found that in my business. I used the do not book feature once...
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    Air Host Service Fee

    Yes, for us they started charging 15% all to the host and nothing to the guest (we are not in the US) a couple months ago. The factor here is if you are managing rates and availability via a channel manager or not. If you are doing through a channel manager, they charge you 15%. It felt so...
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    Two In A Room

    Our experience in Central America is that visitors from the US, in general, tend to be more assertive and are more rule breakers than people from other countries and are more likely to expect things to run like they do in the states. But here, when they have traveled thousands of miles, they...
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    An International Elopement

    So lovely! What a fortunate couple to have found and booked you! Flowers are beautiful.
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    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    Looks Great!
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    Website Revamp - Idea Exchange

    When I was looking to redo my site, I took a look at recently produced sites from Whitestone, Acorn and Insideout Solutions. I loved sites from each of them and got ideas I am one of the rural inns. You might want to consider highlighting breakfast (if you provide it)...and although I know...
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    Competing With Myself

    That's funny, I hadn't noticed that trend either in our visitors, but it could be true to an extent that women do more comparison shopping then men. I think men might be more likely to ask if it's my 'best' price, and women might be more likely to just comparison shop. I know when we go...
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    What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

    Crabby Carols :) Love it!
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    Construction Discounts

    Smart guy this JimBoone. Good advise(y). With the pandemic, I realized that I had been to eager to rush into solutions, where just minor adjustments were necessary. I hope that's the case with your too. (I too would be furious, I get it)
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    Should Go Private?

    Public. Like many, I was helped years ago when I was in the process of starting our B&B. If there is an annual donation that would help, please ask and keep on asking, no need to make it private to ask for support. That being said, I personally am putting off donations and non-essential...
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    Definitive answer to the age old question, buffet or plated?

    It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to share how we served plated breakfast before the pandemic in case there are ideas here you can take to make your own . I mention because there are some things that we did that were social distancing without even knowing it! We are in the...