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  1. Happy Keeper

    Rezovations fumbles the ball

    Had a guest call interested in reserving with us. On our website and calling for availability. Said they would call back (which they did) to reserve after they talked it over. We had been running a little surprise special that only showed up when you went to reserve online. Thought I would check...
  2. Happy Keeper

    This is the best job I have ever had because.....

    I get to do things the way I want. If I screw up, there is only one way to point the finger. If I get it right, I get all the love. Needless to say, I much prefer getting it right.
  3. Happy Keeper

    Comparing Rez GT with Rez Key

    After good comments were posted here regarding Rez Key, I am taking a look at it and trying to do a more specific comparison with our existing Rez GT. Does anyone here have experience with both? Has anyone gone from Rez GT to Rez Key? Ha anyone who has Rez GT done a Rez Key trial? I did contact...
  4. Happy Keeper

    Shake and fake

    .......and the hits keep coming.
  5. Happy Keeper

    Hard to believe

    CAUTION - VENTING AHEAD! I posted on the 24th that we had taken the leap and canceled our Trap A link. They were supposed to confirm by email. No email. I contacted them on the 25th. Absolutely, they said. The link was canceled and we would not be charged. They would send an email to confirm...
  6. Happy Keeper

    A Better Way to Stay?

    So I thought I should start a new thread rather than hijack... We have been working on VALUE VALUE VALUE during these difficult economic times. It just doesn't make sense to me that the focus of this campaign is on changing the image of an industry that is so diverse. To me, for what its worth...
  7. Happy Keeper

    Took a leap - dropped T r A and B & b. com

    Well the year in review is complete and the ruanway winner is ORGANIC, with local partner links and local and state tourism links coming in a strong second and third. When I factor in the natural migration from review sites and the target market for our inn, it just doesn't make sense to...
  8. Happy Keeper


    Well, it's time once again to think about what's out there in the REZ world We have REZ gt and it costs a fair amount every month They said there was going to be an improved mobile ap but never showed up Also told they were going to intergrate WORD into the program for easier use and that didn't...
  9. Happy Keeper

    Online Webinar

    My experience with webinars has not been all that great, but I am always looking for ways to increase bed and breakfast specific marketing knowledge. Have you taken online classes through PAII? What was the value? What were the challenges? Do you have an opportunity for post event questions?
  10. Happy Keeper

    betterway website snafu?

    I just got a PAII email with the link and I followed it. It directed to a strange site like the ones you get when you type the worng address. Anyone else try this?
  11. Happy Keeper

    The Seven Year Report

    The Seven-Year Report No score and seven years ago, our labors brought forth onto this island, a new station, conceived in optimism, and dedicated to the proposition that all inns are not created equal. With that in mind, here is the seven-year report. · The importance of doing it...
  12. Happy Keeper


    Aloha everyone, I am returning with a new name and just a touch of anonymity. Glad to see the forum is as informative and lively as ever. I have the "Seven Year Itch" report coming up soon.