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  1. Eleanor Brown

    Would you blacklist a guest for bad behaviour?

    Would you blacklist a guest for bad behaviour?
  2. Eleanor Brown

    Could you run a B&B? Input appreciated :)

    If any of you have the time to read my latest blog post and leave your thoughts on what it takes to run a B&B I'd really appreciate it :) Thanks!
  3. Eleanor Brown

    Pets in inns? Yes or no?
  4. Eleanor Brown


    Just given up chocolate for Lent and it's going to HURT. Do people give things up for Lent in the US as well or is it just a UK/Ireland thing?
  5. Eleanor Brown

    What do you do for Valentine's Day?

    Presumably Valentine's Day is one of the busiest times for inns and B&Bs - what do you do to make it special for YOU rather than the guests?
  6. Eleanor Brown

    What kind of art do you hang on your walls?

    Do you go for works that you like or that you think your guests will like? Do you choose your art to be noticed or to blend into the background? Do you buy original art or prints? Anyone have sculptures in their guestrooms? Just wondering...!
  7. Eleanor Brown

    Let's see what you think of this...

    Have a look at this article: What an objective and well-informed piece of writing. Ahem. [Note: I moved this from articles into the general forum as it is not really an article that has been submitted here...and it is not...
  8. Eleanor Brown

    Just for fun - which of these B&Bs takes your fancy?
  9. Eleanor Brown

    Online booking services

    Hi everybody! I was just wondering if, as B&B owners, you are inclined to sign up with online booking companies or if you prefer to create your own websites, or perhaps a combination of the two? If you like to go through a 3rd party site, which one do you use and why? I'll come clean - I work...