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  1. Happy Keeper

    Sad News Posted by Jay Karen on PAII

    This is very difficult news. We had the pleasure of staying with them just last year. Such a wonderful host and such an extraordinary professional. A credit to our industry. We will follow up with Ron directly to offer what help we can. Thank you for passing this along. With fond memories
  2. Happy Keeper

    Dissatisfied guests

    We are far from wise and the only wisdom we have came from correcting our mistakes and movin' forward. It has been rare for us to have a situation go south. So the question is, "What is different in your situation that sent this over the edge?" Here's a few gems Head 'em off at the pass! When...
  3. Happy Keeper

    Damages to our property and declined CC! is kind of a motel type thing. We don't get it at major city hotels either, but it does pop up here and there. Besides, I laughed at my first reaction when I reread it. Call the police? WHo am I kidding.
  4. Happy Keeper

    Damages to our property and declined CC!

    Just a total bummer. We had a situation where we had a single traveler who had his card declined at checkout for a large amount. He was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. He wanted to have us charge him after he cleared up the problem with his card. We insisted that he pay his bill...
  5. Happy Keeper

    for all who LIST their amenities, I salute you!

    When we were designing all those years ago, one of the solutions we came up to with avoid the "hotel" feel" was a complimentary laundry center. It has been one of our most used and appreciated amenities. The iron and the board are part of it. In addition, guests don't ask. Somehow the term...
  6. Happy Keeper

    Cancellation, What would you do?

    Since the guest was unaware... no way out. We have learned to create a separate policy for rezies that would leave us cryin' if they cancel. However, we do have the ability to use a minimum on our online booking engine, so I have no problem sticking to that. We just had a guest reserve three...
  7. Happy Keeper

    Rezovations fumbles the ball

    Had a guest call interested in reserving with us. On our website and calling for availability. Said they would call back (which they did) to reserve after they talked it over. We had been running a little surprise special that only showed up when you went to reserve online. Thought I would check...
  8. Happy Keeper

    Any Scotland b&b's?

    in Scotland last year, stayed at all B&Bs. Best of the lot was Alt Na Craig in Oban. Too far from Glasgow I imagine. More than you asked for? Sure Our stay on the isle of Skye was a modest offering but the view of the bay and the sense of Skye you got (crofters house) was great. The hosts were...
  9. Happy Keeper

    Showers - the future in hotel bathrooms?

    large two person walk in rain showers with a bench- Thought we might be ahead of the curve when we went this way but I would not even consider installing tubs now.
  10. Happy Keeper

    BBOnline – Now We’re Really Worried

    Only hanging onto one, but may just let it go as well if (maybe when) we change reservation systems. I want to mention that we also paid extra to Tr A. Then we took a look at how much they were doing to drive traffic away from us and decided that giving them money was crazy. At the end of day...
  11. Happy Keeper

    What are advertising has produced

    o k - i c It got me thinking about our exit plan, so I was just wondering.
  12. Happy Keeper

    The abyss under my guesthouse

    wine cellar
  13. Happy Keeper

    What are advertising has produced

    You piqued my interest TB. Can you share more on how the offer educated you about selling?
  14. Happy Keeper

    Statement from CEO of Buuteeq

    That was super helpful B.D. When I went to read the follow up from the CEO, it would appear he was denying any connection to SEO impact on our individual sites. I suppose he has to, since I do think misinformation (and I could be way off) on the net can impair your organic placement. Did anyone...
  15. Happy Keeper

    Statement from CEO of Buuteeq

    So... help me with this I went to this beta site. Hundreds of listings lumped together. Our listing had a link which took me to our regular website. Others had unauthorized websites made for their property?
  16. Happy Keeper

    Hotel Hell

    WE ARE closing for upgrades for two months. Our rooms get fluffs and changes as we go along and we have a maintenance schedule, but some of the back end stuff gets left over because it doesn't impact guest satisfaction and perceived value. Now is our time to catch up with all of that. I am...
  17. Happy Keeper

    Sarcasm is not appreciated

    I have really worked hard over the years to get away from sarcasm, cynicism, personal ironies of others, and the like. Grew up with all that and realize now that this was how our family dealt with our personal insecurities. Make fun of someone else and it makes you feel better (than them)...
  18. Happy Keeper

    Statement from CEO of Buuteeq

    Thanks for your response Forest. I'll take a look and report back to the forum whether you got any of our hard earned dollars.
  19. Happy Keeper

    Statement from CEO of Buuteeq

    Hi Forest, Thanks for jumping on the forum with some thoughts about your business. I can assure you, I would be equally interested in talking with folks if they had a bunch of stuff to say about our business. Here are some honest thoughts (not directed at you or your business and not any more...