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  1. Hillbilly

    Up charges?

    Call the store and tell them what you want. Give them a $150 budget including delivery. You get to keep the $50. Very easy to do. Don’t over think this. Keep it simple.
  2. Hillbilly

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    I think those sites are finished. They have very little traffic anymore. Save your money.
  3. Hillbilly

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    Yes, but im still getting bookings from people finding me on their site. A lot of people are starting to figure out that they get better rates and service by booking direct. They are figuring out that just because it says we are booked. Most likely we are not. So we get the free advertising...
  4. Hillbilly

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    I dropped them awhile ago. Never felt better. I honestly think most people don’t bother with looking at them anymore. Google has much more influence than TA has.
  5. Hillbilly

    How to - new website

    Empty Nest got me using Divi. It’s by Elegant themes. Once you figure it out it’s awesome to use. I have now built 4 different website by using it. I really enjoy the process. Try looking into it.
  6. Hillbilly

    If I could start over...

    We have had a bed and breakfast for almost 26 years now. I have a ton of suggestions but they can be from starting out as newlyweds, having kids, kids going off to college and even having elderly parents live with us. Each stepping stone has created different issues and suggestions on what type...
  7. Hillbilly

    If I could start over...

    Actually we have had guests that have stayed with us when we had propaine and now the LED. They all prefer the LED. It really surprised me. But they all say the same thing. It doesn’t get so hot in the room and we can still enjoy the look even in the summer months. There is a setting on it that...
  8. Hillbilly

    If I could start over...

    We had gas fireplaces. We started having people add real wood to them and causing all kinds of damage and messes. Plus in the summer they would have the fireplace on and the air conditioner blower full blast. We just recently switched them all over to LED. It has been a life saver and people are...
  9. Hillbilly

    New Wrinkle from TA?

    I get people that say they read our reviews as well. 9 times out of 10 if you ask they are google reviews and not TA. I haven’t received a TA review in several years. I get google reviews weekly. It’s just weird how things move from one platform to another depending on trends. Also, from one...
  10. Hillbilly

    New Wrinkle from TA?

    I ended up dropping all of the OTAs and I’m glad I did. I even dropped TA. TA is a thing of the past IMO. Hardly anyone uses them anymore.
  11. Hillbilly

    Sob Stories and Lies

    We did this exact thing. People are well informed of what’s going on. We have a place on our reservation form explaining this and give them the option for travel insurance. We make them click “Yes they will be purchasing insurance” or “No they understand the risk and know they will be charged a...
  12. Hillbilly

    Did I get kicked out of TA?

    Not many people use TA anymore. I dropped my listing with them. Most people now days are posting on google.
  13. Hillbilly

    Noticing a trend

    Our normal check in is after 4. That said, from 1-4 we allow early arrivals and they book this during their reservation process. We charge $35 for this service. The fees we make off of this pay for a vacation every year. It’s no more work than usual. People enjoy the service and there is value...
  14. Hillbilly

    Service Dog

    I was always told it was illegal to ask for paperwork on a service dog. Its like asking a person in a wheel chair to prove they need it. I could be wrong on that. I do know you can't charge a pet deposit. But the dog is to remain with the owner at all times and if it causes issues you can ask...
  15. Hillbilly

    What’s your plan for reopening?

    I have been doing a lot of reading in regards to major hotel chains and changes they are making because of the Covid. Here are just a few of the main things they are starting to go by. 1) No guests contact. Check in/out is done all online or by phone. 2) No in room housekeeping. They will...
  16. Hillbilly

    starting a B&B/wedding venue

    I would make sure you pay attention to how things might change in the lodging industry as a whole with the way times are. Innkeeping operations might look a little different moving forward. The way you clean, cook, serve, space... Things will not be the same. Guests will be nervous to come to...
  17. Hillbilly

    What’s your plan for reopening?

    Arks that kinda what our plan is as well. I did some research and supposedly ozone machines kill the virus. We have one and plan on using it as well.
  18. Hillbilly

    What’s your plan for reopening?

    Just wanted to see how everyone was doing and to find out what your plan is for reopening? Are you opening back up the same or changing things up? We plan on opening back up in June with weekends only.(This will give us a few days to let the room air out before getting it ready again)...
  19. Hillbilly

    CARES Relief Act

    Our loan was just approved today. We are now just waiting on a closing date that we will do through the drive through. Money will then be deposited into our account at that time. We are staying on unemployment Until June 30th. That is when we have to hire ourselves back. So with being on...
  20. Hillbilly

    All lodging shut down

    Totally agree. The elephant in the room is this. When we all open back up and start taking reservations again what happens as innkeepers if we happen to get it? We have to be away from everyone for 14 days. So what happens then to our current guests we have staying or for future guests during...