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  1. ChrisandShelley

    A Reintroduction--It's Great to Be Back

    Congratulations! I feel like I'm starting over, but I don't mind.
  2. ChrisandShelley

    Next year!

    I never thought about using the toaster but that makes perfect sense. Thanks!
  3. ChrisandShelley

    My Favorite Complaint Ever

    Back in July, we hosted a youth Old Time Band Camp at the venue, so we had some great kids playing music every where! Our guests loved it, except for one lady who complained (in the sweet, passive-aggressive way) that she obviously wouldn't get a nap. She and her husband were nice, but most of...
  4. ChrisandShelley

    Why would you do this and why would you fail to mention it?

    I got an offer from Entergy to install Smart thermostats that I can control with my phone. You might check with Entergy to see if they can offer that. When the guy arrived to put them in, he couldn't figure out our bizarre system, so he just left. Oh well.
  5. ChrisandShelley

    Next year!

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves. It says quite clearly on the welcome card to please inform us if you're not coming for breakfast. We had a full dining room set, so I mixed a double batch of pancakes. An hour before breakfast is ready, two couples that came together came to check out early...
  6. ChrisandShelley

    They brought their friends

    Awww your own little family!
  7. ChrisandShelley

    Survived our first busy season!

    Congrats on making it through your first season. The favorite saying in the business community here comes from Game of Thrones: "Winter is coming" and that means slow times. Luckily I was still working our first season, so winter was not bad, but we struggled a bit our second winter. Hard...
  8. ChrisandShelley

    Hello from me

    We have one of those as well. She mostly cleans our cottages and she is there ALL DAY! But she is meticulous and we get compliments about how clean and fresh smelling the cottages are. We pay her by the job as well.
  9. ChrisandShelley

    A Reintroduction--It's Great to Be Back

    Hey, Morticia. I hope I don't have to use those arrows again. I hope you are doing well.
  10. ChrisandShelley

    A Reintroduction--It's Great to Be Back

    I found my last post to be almost 2 years ago and it hit me how long I have been out of the loop. It is wonderful to be back in the innkeeper's role again after almost 2 years of absence. Since it has been a while, I thought I should start fresh with a new introduction. My wife Shelley and I...
  11. ChrisandShelley

    #1 most important thing to do first after buying an inn?

    James Wedmore has a fantastic podcast about entrepreneurship. One of his best pieces of advice is to think about how valuable your time is. Hiring out the $10/hour jobs and doing the jobs that require a higher pay rate is excellent entrepreneurship. :)
  12. ChrisandShelley

    Open Houses

    We did an open house when we first moved in to our new BnB and offered samples of our breakfast items, especially the specialty recipes. We invited all of the local business owners to stop by.
  13. ChrisandShelley

    Dumbing down breakfast

    We do the same but offer scrambled eggs if guests don't like the casserole or elegant eggs dish. Quick to fix.
  14. ChrisandShelley

    Please write down your final wishes

    I'm so sorry to hear that. It makes for hard Christmas seasons in the future.
  15. ChrisandShelley

    Inn Happiness - Innkeeping Isn't ALL Problems!

    Happiness is surprise guests on a normally empty weekend in the off season who are absolutely wonderful people to meet and want to come back in the main season.
  16. ChrisandShelley

    We're Now an Inn & Spa!

    Awesome! Good luck with the changes. :)
  17. ChrisandShelley


    We use Community Coffee Cafe Special on auto-delivery. You get a discount for auto-delivery through their business program. We've tried several local roasters in a blind taste test with our guests, and they always come back to the Community Coffee. It's got a great flavor, both in the regular...
  18. ChrisandShelley

    When the innkeeper is sick

    It may be time for a specialist. Sometimes an obscure issue is just something outside of the local doctor's scope. I hope you find the problem and that it is an easy one to solve. I will keep you in my prayers.
  19. ChrisandShelley

    Bringing in Business in the Winter

    We get a few local folks, but we extend a discount to out-of-towners who stay with us, both on the rate and the workshop fees. We do get an occasional guest who lives in a short range. Our music workshops will have the class during the day, then a jam or concert at night. So even if they are...
  20. ChrisandShelley

    When the innkeeper is sick

    I sure hope you get to feeling better. It's one thing when you have a job that has disability insurance, but small business owners are just hung out there.