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  1. Flower

    Hi There

    I want to Thank You all for being here. I hope Yall Have a wonderful day.
  2. Flower


    Well we just had thee biggest flood. It hit all 4 floors. It was caused by a american stander toilet that was sent to mexico for kilning and fired. It just cracked open . You might as guessed while we were away going for a lovely long lunch. I walked into house and went to go down the hallway...
  3. Flower

    follow up.

    Thanks for your comment! I just sent out 1 follow-up mail notifications! Question I have seen this often over the years . But don't know how to retrieve the notice . Can any one help me .
  4. Flower

    Bad TA review as no discount was given

    Where on TA do you find a location to report someone who has written a bad review because they did not get a discount for their room? They did not find the room bad but were upset that the Hot Tub broke down the day of arrival. Tech could not fix while they were here as he needed to order a part...
  5. Flower

    check in or check out

    I was wondering about check in times and check out times. Would you all please tell me what your times are? Even the people from other country's. I am interested as a customer told me in Europe you can stay all day at a B&B you do not have to leave . Your check in times can be any time .Really...
  6. Flower


    How do you access your Google business account. When you can't remember your user or password. Help Please
  7. Flower

    what a night I am venting double time....

    I am so hot yes it is a very hot night still sitting at 35 C . then guest arrive at 830 when they were to be here 4 to 6 . Ok but they brought a another body with them . there son tall blond blue eyes...umm not to bad to look at. ok I got off the track . They say it is ok he just sleep on the...
  8. Flower

    Repeats.Love them

    After some thought . I have found booking companies . Are some times good. But they do make it hard to have repeats. As other repeated guest find it hard to find a spot to come back to you. We have a small amount of repeats. But sure do enjoy them. As you are full of booking agents taking...
  9. Flower

    Ok thanks Ark.

    Sure wonder what happened. I never seen this before. But know I am not tech smart to forums. I am concerned that the two people on my ignore list can please be taken off as ignore . As I have no reason to put them on any list. One I am not sure who it is but the other one is Gillium house...
  10. Flower

    guest sick !

    Well I donot know where to start? Two people come for wedding of friend. They stay and are one of the most considerate we have ever had. rom clean asked right questions. Cleaned up after them selves . WOW. I was impressed. Young and considerate at the same time. They go to leave asked us if...
  11. Flower

    Charging a fee for 3rd party booking

    On the business news this morning they were discussing KLM's recent decision to charge a fee for tickets bought on line at at third party sites such as ex pe d ia etc. They were discussing who would win out on this, KLM or the third party sites. Their consensus was that the third party sites...
  12. Flower

    Apple Clafoutis

    APPLE CLAFOUTIS Makes 4 to 6 servings. Preheat oven to 350. For the apples: 4 large tart apple about 8ozs peeled and cord . Then slice into thin rings Juice and zest of a 1/2 lemon. 1 tbsp. plus 1/4 cup white sugar, divided For the cake : 3 eggs 1cup whole milk. 3/4 cup flour 1/4c sugar 1 1/2...
  13. Flower

    to b or not!

    I have been wondering if our customers know the difference between a B&B or a lodge, cabin, a resort or an INN? Also what defines these names? Does a name say what you are expecting to see. Or does it just mean a title that you as an accommodator call your self? Does a B&B say only that you...
  14. Flower

    open or not? Work on web site .

    Ok here goes. I am not sure about this year? In Jan. we were sitting in AZ. Just was there 24 hours hoping to stay a month. But then DH had an accident and broke his ankle badly . Insurance flew him home for surgery. To make a long story short they found out he has AF. so they zapped his heart...
  15. Flower


    I hope you all have had a peaceful Christmas. This year our trip has been pretty good.The weather has settled down. We are now at the desert cities. love it. The weather has been good. No snow to worry about this yr. In the new year will be off to Tucson. You all take care now stay health and...
  16. Flower

    Owner responses to reviews

    We are being courted by Boo k ing com & wonder what your experience has been with this OTA. They tell a slick story about how you are in control but their “sign on now” pressure is a bit much. One of the features we were surprised to see was their reviews & how this gives you a ranking. When...
  17. Flower

    motor oil

    We had a couple of people stay with us that had old cars. Very expressive old cars. The problem is one car leaked motor oil on our drive way some 27 spots. I tried one thing and it never even touched the spots. Do any of you know what would remove the oil?
  18. Flower

    spicy dish for breakfast.

    I need your help . I have a couple coming back here on Monday . As I was chatting to them they said they like spicy food even for breakfast. So I have been trying to come up with some thing. I been checking on blogs. But nothing has been a home run? The first part of the breakfast in a cheese...
  19. Flower

    spicy breakfast

    I need some help here. Ihave a couple that have been here before . They told me how they liked spicy food. I did not know that before . So I have been looking at blogs to try and find a breakfast that would be a breakfast spicy food dish. They come from Baltimore but now live in Canada . Can...
  20. Flower


    I went down to the room to service them. I started to clean the table and low and behold there was a big dark mark on my dinning room chair. It is material and I tried Folex but to no avail it did not come out. Any one know what I could use. I think it may have been butter! Guest has not said...