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  1. J

    Two B&B guests arrested with fictitious credit cards

    Wow, nice to see someone take action with results!
  2. J

    What Do B&B Owners Want From Directory Sites?

    A positive return on marketing investment is a starter!
  3. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Yapstone gateway is the equivalent of is a service that sits between you and your processor. You can see a diagram on their site here: If you want to continue to work through your existing processor, and you...
  4. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    * You can use virtually any processor you like through the Yapstone gateway. Virtually all processors need a gateway to connect to websites, software, machines. Some do not - Innpayment and Intuit each own a gateway - but most do. is a gateway for example, so is Merchant...
  5. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Hi gang, There are answers to most of these questions in our FAQ's. A couple updates though specifically - all existing Innpayment customers can continue to use Innpayment through Webervations with no additional charges/fees/etc. Webervations support has the exact steps to go through for...
  6. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Innpayment will be fully integrated into the product just like Intuit is today. This means that Webervations users will no longer need an expensive stand-alone terminal to process credit cards - it can all be done right through Webervations including swiped or keyed transactions on deposits...
  7. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Please contact support directly and they can give you a couple options that you can use with no cellphone, and with no additional costs.
  8. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Sorry, let me clarify that. I'm not recommending writing down a credit card number anywhere, ever. Regardless of what you do, I would recommend you end that practice. My recommendation is the same as it has been for a long, long time and is now common industry best practice - all businesses...
  9. J

    Webervations - A big change - must read

    Hi gang, Just wanted to clear-up any confusion here. We could have been more clear in describing option 4. There is no additional fee to use option 4 at all. It will work just like Webervations does now, except that instead of entering the additional information online each time to retrieve a...
  10. J

    No room at the inn, after 8-1/2 yrs

    Congrats swirt! Drive safely and thanks for contributing so much to the BB industry be it at your property or on the web. JB
  11. J

    B&Bs to have representation on US Travel Association Board

    Congratulations Jay - this is really big and fantastic news for the industry. Glad to see you getting such good recognition and I think you will add tremendous value. Really a big day for B&B's to be represented at a level like this.
  12. J

    Another dismaying discovery about webervations

    For everyone's info, we've recommended for years to use a third party tracking system over Webervations home-built tracking, long before we acquired Webervations. We still do. Google Analytics is free, accurate, and reliable. Webervations tracking was built a long time ago and has never...
  13. J


    Sorry - to answer your question on privacy - no, we do not use guest data in any way that is in your Webervations account. As far as not receiving the email, I'm not sure what to tell you on this one. If you are implying that you believe we did not send this email to you, I can assure you that...
  14. J


    Gotcha - we support a GA code entry box - and that appears to still be working. We have created a ticket to see what is going on with this other box. Quite frankly I'm not sure what that box does - but we are looking into it asap.
  15. J


    Hi Domsmom, Yes, on pretty much every product, we talk to innkeepers before we launch. There are several innkeepers who shall remain nameless that I bounce ideas off of, and we get commentary all the time. In this case, we announced this product almost a year ago to every single customer. In...
  16. J


    Hey gang, Apologize for not getting here sooner. We announced this feature almost a year ago to all Webervations and RezOvation customers. We then sent an email out to each group when launched. It is optional, and can be removed easily by calling or emailing support. I apologize for any lack...
  17. J

    Driskill Hotel in Austin Credit Card Breach

    This property is located here in downtown Austin. Thought this might be interesting for folks to read.
  18. J guilty of Unfair Trade Practices???

    I personally do everything on auto-billing. My cellphone, Directv, gym membership, auto insurance, online banking, kids daycare, newspapers - I really don't like to have to remember to deal with all of these bills every month. That is why we put in the auto-billing. Countless innkeepers asked...
  19. J guilty of Unfair Trade Practices???

    Hi gang, I cleared this up with Steve, but just for everyone's info, this guest was in our database all the way back to 2007. It is a huge coincidence that they got an email the same day, but it is just that - a huge coincidence. The email list for this was pulled in May actually -...
  20. J offering Members $1 Listings on VRBO.COM and

    Hey gang, I'm not sure where anyone is getting the idea we are promoting vacation rentals. This offer is to promote B&B's across other sites.'s property requirements have not changed at all - we never have had VR's on our site. However, many B&B's who have listings on VRBO...