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    Merry Christmas to our innmates!

    Merry Xmas to all from Oz where we only have sun, sand and surf here "down under" (just ask Oprah) THis may be our last true Xmas holiday . As "perspirings" (as JB would say) the high tourist season is our summer and Xmas combined. And we hope to purchase by then. So we will make the most of...
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    For the Naysayers (Guilty!)

    thanks alibi. as an aspiring am stating to get the "negatives" from family and friends including my 90 yr old mum. They find it hard to accept that I am to give up my professional life which is not even remotely connected to hospitality (other than caring for people) . my response so far has...
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    Putting up signs.

    oops spelt Emphysema incorrectly. JJ
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    Putting up signs.

    I would put up 2 signs (1)" please close this heavy door gently" and (2)" smoking strictly prohibited". I saw a sign in some students accommodation last week which stated that if fire alarms are activated by smoke from cigarettes,incense or cooking the mandatory call out fee from the Fire...
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    Shark steam mop

    "Running B and Bs for Dummies" mentions vingear (acetic acid after all) can etch out and ruin the grout. I also note Magic Erazers do have some acids so could explain Alibi Ike's second round disappointment JJ
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    fake TA reviews

    do not worry about me as, like alot of reviewers I cannot be traced(not yet anyway)as I am only an inspiring at this stage but the TA site is becoming very CONTAMINATED and the more intelligent and saavy FUTURE travellers will bypass the gorilla and utilise sites like YELP that will give...
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    fake TA reviews

    would TA allow us to give a managerial response to ALL reviews so we can harness that resource (like a blog..i suppose).? borrowing JB's wise counsel about honesty. e.g "the glowing report you have just read was from my sister in law but we thank her for her observations during her stay as they...
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    New thread on Ironing sheets - time saver

    thanks Samster.The turnkey is in a tourist destination area with 3 hotels... all 10 mins walk away(not our competition though) so I am sure such a service is readiabily available .My DW agrees with this strategy. She is more of a realist than me and also I plan to work the 1 st 3 days of the...
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    There goes my sleep-in...

    what I meant is the overwhealming success for this year is .... well......... overwhealming but planning (when the dust settles) to distribute and delegate the work load........ planning for next year . These vets from my experience (medico) battle with the beaurocracy alot where they are...
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    There goes my sleep-in...

    Kathleen you are started a wonderful thing...there are so many needy people out there...more than any program can cater for. .... I contibute to an organisation started by a 20 year old called 40K foundation and have just completed building their 1 st orphanage catering for 100 children in...
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    Trip Advisor certificates

    more power to Trip Advisor I'd say. Meaning if you don't have one somehow that establishment would be rated as inferior. I am certain is the part of TA's marketing plan.... THEIR plan not ours...The B and B we are trying to purchase rates 5 out of 7 on TA for our district (most competition...
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    New thread on Ironing sheets - time saver

    "Bed and Breakfasts for Dummies" mentions the Mangle iron which I know is a roller device rather than a press. We are considering buying one if our purchase of a turnkey comes off. Anyone using one? Other than cost what other diasadvantages are there? JJ
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    How Walker Friendly is your neighborhood?

    I have beed studying walkscore for the last 18 months and I do not feel it is as relevant to the hospitality industry(think b and b where the restaurant is downstairs) as it is to the residential market. Sure walking to amenities is ECO friendly and helps gel communities, may save $$$$$ with...
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    How Walker Friendly is your neighborhood?

    we envisage even doing our shopping at night (there are 2 of us) on foot after the guest have settled in and we have done a head count.(no shows /diet issues We are not intending to provide a lavish breakfast(but I salivate everytime I view the posted recipes).... more continental/...
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    How Walker Friendly is your neighborhood?

    I am a big fan of walkability and our target property(now in the negotiation/financial stage) walkscore is 98.(the city harbour is 30 secs away and the beach 5 mins) When we interviewed neighbours and asked do "you have a car" they answer "yes but only use it weekends to visit inland family"...
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    New Blog

    Also loved the "staying with friends"......... those I call friends of the five senses Not the virtual kind populating the social media (time/poor tech/ rich)........ I work as a medical provider and could not sustain a meaningful life without the see, hear, taste, smell, touchy/feely type...
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    Thought on how to market this

    only an Aspiring here but how about the "Do Not Disturb Special" . Similar to wendydk's "Sleep In" but the mental "sign" is deeply embedded. JJ
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    When guests are sick

    as my "day job' I work as a family physician in a 22 doctor medical centre and we obviously have protocols to follow..... hand washing is the most important, as "catlady" says alcohol waterless hand gel when soap and water are not availabe. our nursing staff prefer the hand gel as it is better...
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    children and pets

    correct "one day" we are in Australia ....Oprah Winfrey territory........ grateful for all the comments and advice. I also hear that even if Innkeepers have domestic pets they do not necessarily feel obliged to allow travelling pets. Is that correct?. JJ
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    children and pets

    interestingly Arkie "our" building was built in1895 as well but we are way behind you in the purchasing process.JJ