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  1. J

    Driskill Hotel in Austin Credit Card Breach

    This property is located here in downtown Austin. Thought this might be interesting for folks to read.
  2. J

    Radisson Credit Card Breach

    I got this in the mail. Can't remember when I stayed at a Radisson, but alarming nonetheless...
  3. J

    Calling Inn out of business?

    Just heard that they announced they are going out of business. Kind of surprised as I thought they had a pretty good customer base, customer service. Was anyone on the forum using them? I know a number of Rezo customers had used them and seemed like a good product.
  4. J announcement on new products and services for RezOvation and Webervations

    We announced this today. All of our customers will be getting emails shortly. None of it is live yet - it will be going live over the next few months, but wanted to make sure we are announcing things well in advance. _____________________________ Austin, TX –, the leading...
  5. J

    Update on placements on Trip Advisor

    Over the past few months, many innkeepers have noticed that has been testing a number of different ways to get more exposure for the industry and our members with Trip Advisor. We had not announced anything as we were not sure how it was all going to work. After a few months...
  6. J

    RezOvation Completes Full PA-DSS Credit Card Security Certification

    Austin, TX– RezOvation, the leader in property management systems for inns, B&BS, hotels, and specialty lodging with its RezOvation GT 5.0 Property Management System product, announced that it has passed full PA-DSS credit card security certification. “Our GT product is one of the first products...
  7. J

    RezOvation and JackRabbit Systems Announce Broad Partnership to Bring Tremendous Exposure to Small Properties

    Hey gang - this went out today, thought you might all find it interesting. Austin, TX- RezOvation, the leader in property management systems for inns, B&B, hotels, and specialty lodging with its GT and Webervations products, today announced a new partnership with JackRabbit Systems, an emerging...
  8. J

    Best coffee machine

    Hey gang, So you all have me motivated to roast my own beans now. Another question - what is the best drip machine you have run across? We had a bunn machine here at for a long time - pour-over with an airport - and that worked incredibly well. Problem is that in my kitchen at home it...
  9. J

    RezOvation announces new benefits and pricing for RezOvation and Webervations Products

    RezOvation announces new benefits and pricing for RezOvation and Webervations Products Austin, TX– After months of talking to customers and analyzing the results of a survey completed by over 1,000 innkeepers, RezOvation, the leader in property management systems for inns, B&B, hotels, and...
  10. J Review Widget launched

    We had talked about this quite a while back and had gotten some feedback from this forum. We put in into production today. This allows innkeepers to embed reviews onto their website. Pretty straight-forward - you pick the size, colors, etc. you want and it generates code that you or your...
  11. J Review Program

    We have made a few announcements in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to get them on here to share with everyone. On January 1, we started a new program easy program whereby innkeepers get a credit toward their membership for consumer reviews. Quite simply, get only one review a month, and...
  12. J

    Rezo GT 5.0/CC Security

    Swirt - this finally released last week including the credit-card functionality you helped out with. Appreciate your feedback on this. We owe a lot of this, as well as the design of our availability calendar, to feedback form this forum. This was basically the biggest release we've had as...
  13. J

    Aggregate data on credit card processing fees

    Since we are all sharing webstats information, thought this would be pretty useful. Over the past few years, we’ve enabled more and more small properties to process credit cards. At the same time, we’ve been able to get quite a lot of data on average credit cards costs for our customers, and...