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  1. Flower

    Looking for suggestions for an idea - cranberry pancakes?

    I just got out of the hospital a whole week stay!!! They poked jab me to death. I had a fever of 38 c . they went nuts . Only to find out they could not find and infection. But DR. has stop my treatment again. Now I am up the river with no paddle. I had 2 more treatments left. Now I am not sure...
  2. Flower

    WVBBA Video completed

    That is awesome!Well done indeed.
  3. Flower

    Investigating the room?

    I would certainly go to the door and say some thing like I heard a very loud crash is every body ok ???
  4. Flower

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    May you all have a wonderful day full of goodies and Love. Enjoy getting stuffed. Sorry bad pun.LOL Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!
  5. Flower

    Looking for suggestions for an idea - cranberry pancakes?

    It has been a very very hard month. Thought this month would be a bit easier. But Sorry to say nope ! Have to have a PET scan then a CT scan see a blood Dr. next week.Last day treatment for Chemo is 30 Nov. Then it is a wait and see what all the test say. Iam still very positive thinker and even...
  6. Flower

    Looking for suggestions for an idea - cranberry pancakes?

    try going to don't know how to make this a live link. Have a wonderful holiday
  7. Flower

    Looking for suggestions for an idea - cranberry pancakes?

    I have made waffles with cranberry and maple syrup for topping. Made a pan of french toast using croissant make the night before.In morn pop in oven . With that recipe I used 6 eggs, 1/2 & 1/2.... 1 1/2 cups, Milk 1 1/2 cups, . add in,1/2 to 1 tsp cin ,.3 tbsp orange zest, 3 tbsp OJ. pour over...
  8. Flower

    Tea - how simple or elaborate is your tea selection?

    I just tried Lady Earl Grey tea. AWW it was lovely. Me thinks I will try as ice tea soon.
  9. Flower


    I tried a continental also. I had a large basket filled with a long french loaf a small block of cheese ,cold cuts , boil egg, small jam ,Butter paddies, juice ,coffee or tea depending what they wished from the list. Of a bunch of small muffins, fresh fruit, Yogurt if they wanted it. Or they...
  10. Flower

    In this morning's police report

    Winnipeg Manitoba. When we were kids this was wonderful times. Love when they opened them up. Sad when fireman closed them. Hot days high heat . Fire ball running down the rail way tracks. Wonderful lighting shows . Northern lights dancing in the sky. Flat land bring some neat...
  11. Flower

    Article #4

    Well written. Rather enjoyed the read. Congratulations.
  12. Flower

    A confusing request

    We had an American guest do this also .Why he did not want us to do this, cause he would be charged an 2% or 2 1/2 % on a foreign transactions .He said there we only 2 people that had processed his deposit before he got there. They usually held his deposit till he arrived and then he pay cash...
  13. Flower

    Google Rating... Who?

    Funny you should say that. We gave it a go and they came back saying some one was trying to write a review from your ip address and we do not allow. It was us dummy asking you to remove our listing We wrote them twice last year when we had a massive flood and again in May telling them we have...
  14. Flower

    Google Rating... Who?

    Aww Yes I think we do I will try management account. It has been many years when I did google I Thank You. I will try TA again one must never give up. Some day I guess they will wake up. LOL
  15. Flower

    Google Rating... Who?

    Question. How does one get a hold of google? We have no web site as we are closed. I would like to have my page removed. Tried TA to remove my B&B as of yet they still have not! We Have never given them permission to use out business in their site . But now I need it removed for good. Is there...
  16. Flower

    Method to avoid breakfast no-shows?

    Yes book ing guests do not always understand B&Bs. I always tell them when book ing our rooms and also tell them a pond arrive that breakfast is included with your room. If they do not wish to have breakfast please tell me . No there is not cost difference whether you have breakfast or not! Or...
  17. Flower

    Guests who steal towels!

    You bet ya. A review is just that! also management response counts also . Let face it stealing is just that. STEALING taking some thing that doesnot belong to you.!!! Peroid! We also had a list of cost of towels bedding blankets and said very close to your wording. We had a few take our sheets...
  18. Flower

    A Hearty Thank You, Innkeep

    WoW K you are just so amazing.Your always full of surprizes. Great ideas and get up and go power. How did your boxed gift go over. ? I bet they were just tickle pink.
  19. Flower

    Hi There

    Hi there you wonderful people . I really want to say a heart felt thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I am off for my first cemo. It is a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky.. They say I will be sitting in the chair for 5 hours. I got my trusty books and I pad and down loaded...
  20. Flower

    More Upgrading

    I used to box or bag some with a small note in the pkg. Love your idea of contact info . Along with pat of butter each and a napkin , plastic knife. May a thank you for picking our B&B.