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    Go Daddy Hacked

    GYI Godaddy has been hacked (apparently), not sure how public it is being made but for any of you uding that or any websites which are godaddy related you may have issues
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    Can anyone enlighten me on B&B regulations in Vermont such as permits, Breakfast service regulations, other food service regulations etc I have someone asking me about looking after just a one room guest suite in a non city area house where they have the approval from the state for food and...
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    Looking for Innkeeper Couple NH

    Found this in case anyone is interested
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    In looking for somewhere to stay in the south of France, I came across this website for a B&B, now it's not the perfect website, it does not give all the information that us innkeepers think we should have or that guests want, but I have to admit it was unique and THAT is a big plus! (and of...
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    Looking for some unique pieces

    Ok so my contents are finally tagged and ready for auction .... you have to come pick up or arrange for someone to pick up but there are some unique items that will probably go for a song ....
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    As I have mentioned I will be closing before the end of the year, I have no fight left in me to work with the banks or the bankruptcy courts, not to mention business is almost non existant and worse than I have EVER seen in 7 years. Tonight I have one couple in the cottage who came inside for...
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    Innkeepers in path of hurricane

    Happy to provide accom to any Innkeepers needing it, pet friendly
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    New Econonic downturn

    I have to wonder about all the other Inns out there - have you noticed a slow down in bookings or more cancellations since this latest economic downturn? Although the first 6 months of this year were almost back to my occupancy and revenue of 3 years ago - in the last month my business has...
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    No. Please. Don't.

    God bless him one of my guests is mid chemo. However this morning at breakfast he said "oh I can't eat anything solid". No problem, whip up a smoothie but it would have been nice if I had known ahead. He is at the table with 4 other guests, fortunately all known to him. Next thing he gets a...
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    Giving B&B's a bad name

    A guest that checked in this weekend told me they received a call from the B&B they had booked, their reservation was being canceled because "they were the only booking they had for that night" .. People on this board often ponder why people don't choose B&B's more often. Well there is one...
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    Inn-teresting I love Inns

    I really would like to stay with them however not only are $$ short but a lot has changed .. not one item in theie "sampling" program in more than 2 years, needing to pay for personalized books so far in advance (months before what it used to be) that I still have half of my current supply, and...
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    Red White and Blue

    Well it's been 20 years but I finally had my citizenship interview today in Atlanta! All went well however their systems that print the "certificates" was down so I have to go back another time for the swearing in ceremony. Coming home I noticed a center median was filled with red, blue and...
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    NEVER HAVE I HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS I won't comment on the message Boards cause i have nothing nice to say..I am hurting from my stay there as the bed was on the ceiling and the pitiful couch was on the floor..We will not be back nor will we give it a good name..Most B&B's I have heard about...
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    Password "security"

    Recently one "not to be named" res system decided to upgrade their security features. Thank you. I appreciate that. But when these companies that insist that my password is "8-10 letters and numbers that must include at least one capital letter, and at least one number and (now in this case) at...
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    When I grow up ..

    When I grow up I want to be a shower .... (that's my jacuzzi tub talking) If you are considering a jacuzzi tub - DON'T More headache than they are worth, floods, leaks, malfunctions, cleaning .. not to mention they are REALLY not a novelty anymore, and if you don't have a regular shower in the...
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    What's for breakfast and other questions

    What's for breakfast tomorrow? Buffett or individual plated? How many guests? What's for breakfast tomorrow? Breakfat Casserole, Caramel Apple French Toast, Fruit & croissants Buffett or individual plated? Buffet How many guests? 6
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    I have now spent 4+hours looking for an Inn around New Orleans for myself and a friend of mine that will be visiting from overseas - what am I looking for, a room with 2 beds ... it takes me for ever to find some people's online availability, sometimes I have to click 3 or 4 times to get to an...
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    Cancellation - sigh

    Hello.... I have been trying for several days now to call you... the message says the call cannot be completed as dialed.... I am using the phone number from your web site and from this email..... I am contacting you to let you that we will be unable to stay at your B & B. Our travel plans...
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    Ok majorly run down right now achy and flu-ey, I don't usually vent about specific guests but I just had a checkout that had a "buy one get one" free night cert from I.L.I, I also did a dinner for them where I actually undercharged them AND gave them a free dessert ... my website clearly says...
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    i love inns GC

    dang I must have missed that they had these although I think I signed up to take them at some point - do we pay a comm on these when we accept them like for GC's? I can't SEE that we do but don't know .... I had a local person ask me ....