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    We were featured in!

    Very excited to share that The Forsyth B&B was featured in an article today in! So thrilled and grateful. We're in a city that is enjoying a creative renaissance and getting a lot of media attention. Our attention to detail, chic design and fabulous three-course breakfasts are not...
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    Resorts and Lodges

    I'm getting an extremely hard sell from Resortsandlodgesdotcom. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    No hot water this morning - how do I make up for it?

    Our circulator pump died this morning (it has since been repaired) but two guests had no hot water and couldn't take showers. They were very nice about it, but what would you offer them? They are both staying on a second night tonight. Do I not charge for last night, discount and if so, by...
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    Insurance recommendations

    Hi all, Who has a great insurance company? Thanks, Tamara
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    Secure payment gateways

    Hi there, What system are you using? I'm considering Stripe or Thanks, Tamara
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    Front Desk and Reservation Systems

    Hi All, You've been so helpful on my other queries - thank you! It is time to choose a front desk/rez system, ideally with a channel manager. What do you like? I'm considering Little Hotelier but it doesn't partner with Is one forced into Rezovation for that? My website...
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    Inn or B&B

    I know there is a difference by definition but what about public perception? I will have 4 guest rooms and no restaurant so technically a b&b...but somehow inn seems more hip/elegant. I'm finalizing my logo and have to make a decision. Thoughts?
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    Keep the clawfoots or new showers?

    Hi All, Our building is quite old, and came with several clawfoot tubs. I personally find showering in a clawfoot tub annoying. Do we replace with modern tub/showers and give up the historic aspect? We are creating two new bathrooms and those will have just showers Thanks for your input!
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    Best Beds

    Hi Everyone, I'm so thrilled to be joining you all here! I'm working to open my b&b this coming summer. Very exciting, scary and so much to know and learn. Glad there's a resource like this. Questions: what do you think is the best mattress under $1000 for a b&b? Do you have queens or kings...