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    Making it work…

    We found a property that has 5 rooms and in the heart of town. Because of our conversation, the first thing I did was research the zoning and we’re good to go. This is about 5 years earlier then we expected, but the location and house is perfect. (Assuming that we are able to get through closing.)
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    Last breakfast is in the books!

    Congrats and enjoy your retirement. As you are leaving, we are closing on our property in July. Hopefully we can carry your torch (metaphorically) 😁
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    Setting the Pillows on the Bed

    We just came back from a trip on the East coast and didn’t see anything like this. Maybe it’s a Westlock coast thing. (I.e. the pillows move less when the earth shakes)
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    Making it work…

    Looking in Door County.
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    Making it work…

    We are looking at a few properties that will need to be remodeled in order to work in a B&B style room. We know some architects, but we’re wondering if it’s better to work with someone that has the background of working with a B&B. We’d like to stay with someone local but we’re not sure how to...
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    Need some creative thinking.

    Nailed it!
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    In the weeds

    Best of luck Myschae
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    Need some creative thinking.

    Blueberry French Toast Puff would get me to order it. I tend to steer clear of bread pudding because some of the recipes use so much cream that is can be closer to pudding then I prefer. I guess it’s a little bit of a texture thing which my help describe the dish.
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    Remote check-in / PPE Equipment

    A little bit of a tangent, but would you mind sharing what you use to message your guests? Is it just native to the phone and their number or something that was built specifically for you location?
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    Whip it, whip it good

    We’ll having a boring menu does not sound fun. Practical, but not fun. It is a good thought to give me pause as I think about how we approach the meals. We do plan to ask specifically about allergies and meal needs (Gluten free, vegan, etc.) I do hope we are able to offer a variety of different...
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    Whip it, whip it good

    I love Gorgonzola and will definitely try it with the scrambled eggs. I do wonder how I’ll react when I have a guest that really doesn’t like one of the recipes. That has to be a little bit of a blow to the ego, so it will be interesting. I absolutely think about the timing. I actually make...
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    Whip it, whip it good

    One of my favorite parts of our research is the recipe search. I have many (my wife thinks it might be a problem) cook books for breakfast. I try to do at least 3 new a week (I still work 50+ hours) and my wife, kids, and friends are the judges. In short, if I don’t get the majority of them to...
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    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    Welcome to the group. I’m new here as well and doing my research, though still several years out. There is a TON of info in the archives and the team here is amazingly open and honest with their experiences.
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    Dumitru and My New Website!

    Class Act Dimitru! Karma will smile on you! Also totally agree with the comments about Gillum! I have to say with all the crazy stuff going on today, it’s really great to have a positive feed like this. Thank you all!
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    Future Inn Keeper Seminar

    I’m curious if anyone has experience with this company and their seminar program. The price seems pretty reasonable. We are still 3-5 years away from starting our B&B, but we are trying to do as much preliminary research that we can. Thanks for any input you may have.
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    I would never...

    You definitely have a knack for writing. Don’t wait until you retire, start writing you ideas down now and then you can revise when you retire. 😁 This is really great information. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together. I found it amazingly helpful and hope someday I’ll be able...
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    I would never...

    Enough said!
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    I would never...

    Wow. This is great stuff and I really appreciate the input on pricing adjustments. I haven’t started research on the tools to do pricing (probably a couple years off) but I am tracking competition pricing to build a guide rule. Knowing that the ability to adjust like that helps me with my research.
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    I would never...

    That’s a great quote. Pricing is something we are really working hard to research. Do you adjust prices at all based on expected demand or do you keep the same rate through the season?
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    I would never...

    One thing I know that I will never do again is... The experience of this team has been excellent and I thank you all for that. My last question was about starting over and what you’d do differently. New question... One thing I know that I will never do again is... Thanks Greg and Melissa