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    There’s nothing to eat!

    How sad!
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    How to report spam emails from this site?

    I got one too. I guess we're not perceived as a bunch of crotchety oldsters anymore.
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    Hotels moving away from daily cleanings...

    Same here. I'd say 1 out of 10 use it.
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    interview Questions

    I would give some challenging scenarios and ask how they would handle them. If their customer service ethic does not meet yours, it won't work regardless of their skills.
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    Need a garnish for baked oatmeal

    I use up berries and stone fruit by making compote which is beautiful on a plate with anything...waffles, pancakes, etc. Just simmer fruit with some sugar, a drop of water and some sugar. I add cinnamon, ginger, and a pinch of cumin.
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    The Scream you just heard, was ME!!

    Every breakfast is a chef's choice, three course meal. We do not take orders but if a guest doesn't like it, I will make them something else. This allows us to be flexible and buy foods in season.
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    Due Diligence: What did you miss?

    Definitely in this third group with a 10 year plan. Never intended it to be any longer, and may in fact make it more like seven years.
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    Help with bedding

    I loathe both down and stuffing a duvet cover, so we use duvet covers or a beautiful white sheet simply laid on top of a synthetic down comforter. We also use non-down pillows inside of covers. We use all cotton sheets in white only.
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    Remote check-in / PPE Equipment

    We have a keypad lock on the front door. The night before guests arrive, I send the combination and a disclaimer as well as an email with our COVID precautions (masks work in house, how breakfast works, etc.) Sanitizer all over the place.
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    Insurance Companies

    I also use Erie through The Shults Agency in NY. I've had a very positive experience with them. We started with them when we had four rooms.
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    Would there be interest in my property?

    I think this is a really great opportunity for an aspiring innkeeper/couple as well as for a restauranteur. Now is the time to clarify your goals for the house, then work to get the right, savvy and trustworthy partners to make it happen. Many innkeepers are exiting the business (in my town...
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    What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

    We had a great Sept and November but we've decided to do full house rentals only for now. We have 2 bookings through the holidays, then a miracle private rental mid January through mid May.
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    Our Seasons Of Discontent... or Why I Wanted To Quit Today

    We allow children of all ages and have never (in 4 years) had a major issue. All our beds have waterproof mattress covers under our nice thick mattress pads. Most parents are smart enough to handle their kids. Other couples always seem delighted when there's a baby at breakfast!
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    Favorite fall breakfasts?

    Baked apples, pumpkin walnut crumb muffins, apple compote to put over yogurt or pancakes, sweet potato (or butternut squash or a mix) hash topped with fried eggs.
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    Celebrity Guests

    We've had quite a few. Olivia Wilde stayed here a month, Donald Sutherland, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant used the house for two weeks as their "green room" while shooting a movie on our corner, Patricia Clarkson, Vampire Weekend, writer Jonathan Safran Foer. All were gracious and polite, and...
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    Where can I buy good top sheets to do triple sheeting?

    Just use a good quality top sheet. Wamsutta makes a 500 thread count cotton sheet that's nice and hefty. BTW, we also just put our duvet covers on top of the duvet, like a top sheet.
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    How do you price an Inn?

    I was recently told by a B&B broker that the price should generally be 5x annual revenue.
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    Choosing the right Chart of Accounts...

    Gosh, I thought this was a site for sharing information, wisdom and ideas of all sorts.
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    Dividing Personal and Professional With Guests

    I find that I truly enjoy talking with our guests and I don't mind if they get personal. Many people are curious about how we end up as innkeepers. I think we have had a lot of repeat visitors because people feel as though we are a kind of friend. And several customers have become real...
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    We were featured in!

    Thank you all so much for your warm good wishes. The editor and photog were lovely, and not demanding at all. We were recommended by one of the stores in the article; a place I frequent and ALWAYS buy a little something to be a good neighbor. I find this has paid off tremendously in referrals...