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  1. Madeleine

    GF, soy free, vegan

    I can't find the thread on what to feed a GF vegan. I'd like to make whatever it is the night before and heat it in the morning as we have a very full house and no time to cook something special that day. Given the heat, no baking recipes appreciated. Also, no veggie recipes as they'll be soggy...
  2. Madeleine

    Guest says...

    "we don't need anything in the room, thanks!" From the outside of the building, you see: their window is open and the A/C is running. Do you: A) Abide by their 'we don't need anything'; B) Close window & turn off A/C; C) Close window, leave A/C on; D) Leave window open, turn off A/C E) Bang head...
  3. Madeleine

    Email newsletter

    This is something I send every month. Today's issue got caught in a spam filter and a lot of recipients didn't get their copy (Harborfields, for one). The tech support people were helpful in explaining what happened but not in getting the emails out. Resending to everyone is not an option...
  4. Madeleine

    New reservation system

    Hi gang! We are in the process of getting a new reservation system set up. I'm not asking for help setting up or advice on what system to get. I need layout advice on how it should look to the guest. Option 1: Guest clicks on 'Make a reservation' (or whatever the text is) and sees an...
  5. Madeleine

    WP blog question

    I have been adding posts to my WP website for a few weeks now, gearing up to do more posting on the website than on Blogger. What I am finding, tho, is that those posts load so slowly I get bored waiting for them. Any ideas on how to speed up the load time? Even posts that are only text, no...
  6. Madeleine

    OT: File saving problem. Need ideas

    I'm trying to save some files to a memory stick. These are newly created files. The same files save fine to an external drive as well as the hard drive. I can update a file that exists. Cannot save any new files to the stick. There is a ton (530 mg) of space on the drive. I'm trying to save a 51...
  7. Madeleine

    My customers

    OK, so read that other post about what kind of customers you attract and then read this about my day thus far... 65% of the guests turned down an absolute guest favorite breakfast. Poor DH had 3 'cook to order' breakfasts he wasn't prepared for. (I asked, he said it was ok, but then when it was...
  8. Madeleine

    What kind of customer are you attracting?

    Food for thought on this gloriously sunny (finally!!!) day... Your customer.
  9. Madeleine

    Call to Action button on FB

    Anyone else have this pop up? You can set a call to action button that shows up on your header, instead of lost on the page somewhere. A variety of button text options are available. Just wondering what the evil side of this is. Am I selling my guests' info to FB by putting that link to my...
  10. Madeleine

    Off our game

    Yikes! I haven't done breakfast for guests in over a week. DH & I were tripping over each other in the kitchen. He had to redo one guest's breakfast it looked so awful.
  11. Madeleine

    "White flour"

    If someone can't have 'white flour,' and I didn't ask why not, does that mean they can or cannot have 'unbleached flour'? I assume it means just use something else like whole wheat or rye or corn meal.
  12. Madeleine

    Taking deposits

    What we've learned this week about taking deposits - If you don't take the deposit, the guest cancels. 3 reservations made for this week were made while we were on the road so no deposit was taken. All 3 have canceled. One guest said she was going to pay cash on arrival. She argued about paying...
  13. Madeleine

    First reservation after getting home

    Been gone a few days. Got a call, then an online booking, then a call. In the space of 5 minutes. First call asking if we have rooms. Online booking after looking at rooms. Next call saying they didn't get a confirmation. And a list as long as my arm of things they can't eat and what has to be...
  14. Madeleine

    "Cash only"

    Looking at another place to maybe go for vacation next year. Guests told us about a place near where they used to live. Looked up the website. This is under the payment options: We are sorry but we cannot accept checks, money orders, credit card or flowers as forms of payment.
  15. Madeleine

    The great towel test

    It's that time once again! The great towel off. This is where I go shopping and buy one of each towel I like and bring them home to test. I have a nice bunch of unused towels in the attic but when I put them next to the ones we've been using you can immediately see the difference. So, all new...
  16. Madeleine

    And we gave them the bag to haul it away!

    Toilet paper, boxes of tissues, makeup removers, soaps, the rolls of plastic trash bags in the both trash cans, shower caps, hand lotions. Cleaned the room right out after asking for a large bag to wrap their damp swim suits in. Will wonders never cease. It's really the rolls of plastic trash...
  17. Madeleine

    Creating postcards

    I like making up postcards to have for guests. I use VistaP but I'm not happy with the 'flimsy' weight of the postcards. If you are making postcards that are like the ones you buy at the souvenir shop, what weight paper are you using when you make them? Guests have cleaned me out of most of the...
  18. Madeleine

    When guests argue...

    ...with each other. At high decibels. Heard all over the inn. What do you do? How soon do you interrupt the screech fest?
  19. Madeleine

    Guest is lost

    Called hours ago for us to repeat the directions given at noon. No sign of them. They're not answering their phone. Somehow, this is my fault. I didn't ask the right questions. I didn't make them read off the mile marker on the highway so I could verify they were actually in this state and on...
  20. Madeleine

    Which soaps do you provide for the shower?

    Which soaps do you provide for the shower?