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  1. KenW

    Late arrivals

    We are getting a lot of very late arrivals which means we don't get to meet them or sign our registration. Although we haven't had issues yet we want to be proactive.We have some concerns that we may end up with extra people staying or perhaps a stay using someone else's credit card which we...
  2. KenW

    Others booking for guests

    So how do you handle this? So far it hasn't been a issue but just got a email from a guest due to arrive this weekend stating that she will be checking in late and her daughter will be checking in early.So card holder won't be here till after office is closed.It was all a little fishy. My main...
  3. KenW

    House keeper looking..

    Not sure where to post this but let me know.. We are a week away from ending our season and I have a house keeper looking to relocate to the Cleveland area, interested in a accommodation/work job. This was her 2nd season with us and great house keeper.
  4. KenW


    just reading a post from Arks and it was something I am working through now. We have a few groups that stay we enjoy hosting.Then there is the neighbor rv/camping business just down the road from us who is in the beach/adventure wedding business. They don't have accommodations and refer them to...
  5. KenW

    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    We had packaged soaps and 2oz shampoo and conditioner last season....thinking about going to dispensers for in shower body wash,shampoo . What's your take on This? Thanks Ken