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    Wow Booking

    Just got a second call from a couple who want to book rooms in May . Told 1 caller ( her ) the 1 st 2 wknds in May are graduation wknds , I'd have to get back to them as I have to check my files. They are getting married 1 wknd in May. Second call from him , told me the person who talked to...
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    Waaa Hoooo I got a FREE merchants terminal ...

    BB&T just gave me my terminal for free. Well its dead and they don't want it back as its almost 14 yrs old..... Only free thing I've ever got from a bank.....
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    A square converting to Square or Old dog learning new tricks .

    Almost there..... son in law , Verizon ( now Sprint) helping me & you all .... I might have it all down ...... ? ?
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    Mary's got a New on line for real site !

    I have never hidden so here it is Http:// Created by one of our own on this site. If you think something needs changing forget it. After dealing with me I think , she's probably in hiding. It suites my needs for the type of vacation property/BnB it is. Thank...
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    Shower caps

    Been a BnB 13 1/2 yrs . 2 weeks ago found a clear shower cap tightly fitted on the smoke alarm. Never seen this before .... I didnt ask who put it there, did remind them No Smoking Allowed and this didn't go over well. A new one for me .
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    Cooking now so not much time but Cottage lock broke as I was cleaning it (98% done) and I was trying to get back in to finish. After calling 7 people, trying to dismantle the lock, and an hour & half past, ....... a guest crawled through bath window ,he could not get it to work, I called the...
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    Were havin a heat wave !

    WoooW ........ its now 19 outside. Guess my tulips I planted last week are set. 2 rooms gone and 1 leaves Monday. Stay inside all with family and PETs
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    She came, she went ..... ZOOOOM !

    Well got an AirBNB last minute request. 6:07 pm reservation arrives in my computer @ 7:01 its Confirmed by Air BNB. I respond e-mail telling her room will be ready at 7:45pm . Then at 7:11pm (when I am getting room ready & not reading e-mails) she sends e-mail " be aware I am allergic to...
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    Virginia Bed and Breakfast . Just called from Denver Col. my phone says ??

    OK I guess it's a tele marketer ? Wanted to talk to the owner... I say" she's not here, where are you calling from ? " There getting sleezzzie I say .
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    Well I am up at 5:15 am, phone rang #!*?>=#!

    Florida telle marketer recording. Something about filling my order and I have not ordered anything. Have breakfast to cook for 2 rooms... so HELLO WORLD !
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    Group here .....#?!$$+/<!*+

    Wont say much but what a waist of food ,messy, and best of all they leave tomorrow. Sunday GONE..... probably graduated to the DNR list .
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    Health Dept. just left ........

    Health Dept. has always called a few days before inspecting my BnB. 2 times I was out of town , so showing up doesn't always work. Got a new inspector ( he is very nice , friendly ) Called me 1 hour before coming and I was eating at the corner restaurant. Worry wart me....he saw all 3 rooms...
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    Tesla home battery ?

    Hope to get more information on this Tesla home battery system. Should lower electric bills. Its part solar and a bit pricey ? Has anyone ordered one yet ? I could sure put that system to good use here !
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    BBAV will inspect my BnB wed. am (tomorrow)

    Inspection time ,anyone else in the same boat ?. I will have guest in the Cottage and they have been here many times. Its OK with them if the Inspector comes in . Got a few things to do..... fill window boxes 5 , etc. Taking a break ..then off to the window boxes, etc. ; g) OH...... don't...
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    Air BnB meeting

    Air BnB meeting this fall in November is in.........Paris ! Who is going ? I suggest PAII, Mid Atlantic, BBAV, etc have their conferences there ........ Not likely ; {
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    Innkeepers personal living space is what sq.ft. ?

    Innkeepers personal living space is what sq.ft. ?
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    LivingSocial any one here doing this ?

    Just got a e-mail from Living Social, etc, etc. Some BnB's here have done this but none now. What experience has anyone had with them ? Always seems like tons of work, but a lot of $$$$$$ also.
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    Innsitter/Yard guy is here.........Iam Gone........

    Heading to Sacramento, San Diego then San Antonio for 9 days. Then home to greet guest : )
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    How to .........

    My web site helper needs a shove. So I am asking do you put/announce things of interest (rotating events) on your entry home page. I want a square on my home page right top corner to fill in and erase events with a I see a need. Local events , an lonely empty room neading a friendly...