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  1. Arks

    When Is Bedtime?

    My inn is located in an old downtown store building, meaning all my guest rooms have sold brick walls and concrete floors. As a result, sound doesn't travel very well between units. This weekend, after almost 8 years in business, I got my first call from guests saying the people in the room...
  2. Arks

    Vaccinated Guest or Non-Vaccinated Guests?

    Callum was replying to a comment about "lock-down in Ontario Canada," so I would guess referring to there.
  3. Arks

    DVD Player

    I remove the DVD players as they quit working. They are 25 year old technology. Everybody is Internet streaming now. Best I can tell, DVDs are like cassette tapes or 8 tracks these days. Obsolite, and ridiculed. So if you have one working, might as well keep it available. But if it dies, don't...
  4. Arks

    Automatic Router Reset

    As many of you know, I don't live at my inn. I live a few miles away and mostly run it with keypad door locks I can program via wi-fi from home, self check-in for guests, and housekeepers that can log onto my reservation system and see when a unit needs cleaning, so I don't even have to tell...
  5. Arks

    11-05-2021 - Look what I picked

    Raspberries? I love raspberries! Do they have something to do with frosts? Is that the time to pick them? I don't know about such things. I only know about eating them!
  6. Arks

    Timing is everything! And this time, it was good tim8ng!

    Yes, pretty wild. I'm surprised there weren't some surfing nuts out there in that!
  7. Arks

    Free rooms - discuss.

    Luckily, I find that a lot who don't really want the stay never use the gift certificate. They just consider it a donation to their charity of choice. So everybody's happy. Usually.
  8. Arks

    The best laid schemes of mice and men often go askew.

    I had an interesting dilemma Sunday, when I got a text message from one of my housekeepers: there's a mouse in the washing machine. I have a washer/dryer combo unit in each of my suites and apartments, and I know that this time of year the little varmints are looking for a warm home for the...
  9. Arks

    Free rooms - discuss.

    I got that surprise too, my first year in business. I reported TIME I'd donated to some cause and my CPA let me know, the IRS doesn't care about your time. You only pay income tax on money you receive. If you don't get paid, there's noting to deduct.
  10. Arks

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    So your efforts paid off with the PW supervisor, and the workers will spend money in town. Still a tourism win. They count as tourists. Here in Ark, I'd have to pay state tourism lodging sales tax on them, just like any other visitor/tourist.
  11. Arks

    My Favorite Complaint Ever

    Yes there are people whose whole life revolves around complaining and sympathy-seeking. I'd feel sorry for her husband, who has heard that daily for years, but he surely knew what he was getting when he married her!
  12. Arks

    Why would you do this and why would you fail to mention it?

    I'm afraid to put in complicated thermostats. Some people will contact me because they can't figure them out (I don't want that, week after week), and others will try to reprogram them and screw things up. Programmable thermostats are great for one's home, but I think they would be a LOT of...
  13. Arks

    Free rooms - discuss.

    Got an email this week from the local visitor information center. Travel writer wants to visit our town. No charge for the article she writes, other than a free meal from a restaurant and a free night from a hotel. Huh?? So the cute shop they visit pays nothing, the restaurant they visit gives...
  14. Arks

    Took me long enough to figure this one out

    Hope you're charging a single night surcharge. I add $9 extra for a one night stay. Not gonna get rich on that, but nobody complains, and over a year it adds up to hundreds. A nice tip I make them give me to cover the trouble/expense of dealing with them for just one night.
  15. Arks

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    What? They still had to find you and will send money in your town. They are like any other tourist: good for the community.
  16. Arks

    Hello from me

    I have 2 apartments like that, but also have 3 "suites" that are just bedroom and bathroom (these 3 were added after your long-ago visit). I've cleaned the smaller ones myself, many times, in 1 hour each. But I'm happy for "miss perfect" to take 4 hours. She's a real gem! Speaking of gems, a...
  17. Arks

    Hello from me

    No twin, unfortunately. She and my sister went together to have a big yard sale a couple of weeks ago. She spent the whole night before the sale, cleaning all my sister's items (which my sister thought were already clean). She rents 2 mini-storage units she uses to store stuff she doesn't have...
  18. Arks

    Hello from me

    I have one housekeeper who can do 1 room in 4 hours. But I pay her by the job, not by the hour, and she does a magnificent job. She's just obsessive about cleaning (she'd almost do it for free) and the guests are always commenting on how clean the room is. Luckily, since I'm still putting a...
  19. Arks

    There’s nothing to eat!

    I'm SO glad I send them to restaurants for all their food! But I admire those of you who put up with all the dietary craziness.