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  1. aieechihuahua

    My weirdest phone call yet - in 10 years of innkeeping

    ring - ring Hello, ____ ____ Bed and Breakfast. Hi! do you rent jet skis? Excuse me? Do you rent out jet skis? Ma 'am, I'm sorry, but do you know there isn't any place to use a jet ski here in ___________? click Some of you know this, but for those of you who don't, our b&b is in the desert...
  2. aieechihuahua

    This is a new one - for us anyway

    I got this email this week... "I am attending the Balloon Fiesta next month and this will be my first visit to Albuquerque. Since it will be a very short visit, I am staying at an airport hotel. I just wonder if I can come to Adobe Nido for breakfast?" DUH!
  3. aieechihuahua

    We won an Award!?

    I know many of you are privy to this info, so this is for the newbies. You should really watch out for agengies saying you have won an award. I got this email and tossed it, having already been throught this with a certain national political party the named me "Business of the Year" in my area...
  4. aieechihuahua

    Firefox Browser

    This is for anyone using the latest updated version of Firefox for their browser. Since I have been experiencing some nasty problems lately, and found nothing on Google about it, I went to the Firefox website and found there are many, many people experiencing problems with this latest version...
  5. aieechihuahua

    B&B Fire

    I know some of you will see this on the PAII forum, but I value the opinions here so I have posted in both places. One of our friends had a fire caused by a guest's neglect at her B&B two weeks ago. No one was hurt. The guest had brought her own candle and a tin tray to set it on. The inn policy...
  6. aieechihuahua

    Must read about water bottles

    The Mother Jones Magazine came this weekend. There are two articles that speak about water bottles, The first talks about Fuji - the second is a side note on other brands. Now, I am a bit depressed. Not that I want to depress ya'll too, but they are both very interesting reading. I feel I must...
  7. aieechihuahua

    Question about this forum

    What exactly does "ignore" do? Does it mean the posts for a contributor entered on this list will no longer show up?
  8. aieechihuahua

    Hello again

    Just wanted to say that I missed you all, but I am back. Been super busy. I can see you all have been busy too and I have a LOT or reading material here to catch up on! It's good to be back in the saddle again!
  9. aieechihuahua


    I got an email a few weeks ago about all the uses fro WD40. One of the uses really hit home for me. Does anyone else have really hard water? We do and the mineral deposits on every thing in the bathrooms, especially the fixtures is horrible to deal with. Chrome and brass alike are such a pain in...
  10. aieechihuahua

    Blogger, Wordpress and Google Analytics

    There has been a lot of discussion on what is best to use for blogging - Google's Blogger or Wordpress. Since my web host will not put the nec. stuff on their server for me to use Wordpress, I use Blogger. It has also been said that it is just as advantageous to have your Blogger blog linked...
  11. aieechihuahua

    I'm finished

    I am FINISHED writing our B&B Assoc. grant FY2010 . I am so happy I could do a dance, 'cept for the crappy knees. I have been working on it since May 29, taking only yesterday off and away from it. Clearing your head for a day really helps. All that's left is the proofing and the copies and the...
  12. aieechihuahua

    Shrimp n grits

    Last fall we made our annual pilgimage to SC to hang in Cherry Grove in a old condo my dad left to me and my sis. By stange circumstance a cuz of our ended up moving there. He is a chef, and has thrown himself into the local foods, so one night he had us over for a huge spread of SC cookin. I...