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  1. JimBoone

    Automatic Router Reset

    Sounds like an inexpensive solution. I don't think I've had the problem of having to reboot the router since moving to a higher grade of equipment, but expect I spent more, my current system sends an email if anything in the system has an issue.
  2. JimBoone

    Halloween menu - what are your favorites?

    We decorate, or rather Michelle and Duran decorate for Halloween and Christmas, our guests enjoy and look forward to visiting during those times each years.
  3. JimBoone

    Hello! Who wants to open up a Bed & Breakfast with me?

    Tink, I'd hate for you to feel folks on this forum were negative, I'm sort of an outsider myself, but always found the forum beneficial, but it may not be the resource you desired. I generally see two groups of members on the forum, those who run small properties, happy to answer "how to" type...
  4. JimBoone

    What’s your idea of a great vacation?

    We are probably dull folks, chose our vacation area for the business so in a way where we want to be without travelling. Best vacations were probably going home, staying with Maxine's parents and catching up with family and friends. Still a day dream to take a long driving trip through the west...
  5. JimBoone

    Took me long enough to figure this one out

    This year our weekends require 2 nights, unless perhaps there is an odd room available at the last minute. I tend to feel some of our local places take advantage of folks with their pricing, but the tradeoff is that I need both nights to offer the more reasonable prices.
  6. JimBoone

    Free rooms - discuss.

    Free, or deals that are supposed to provide some later benefit to me, have never seemed to have offered any benefits except for the person receiving the free or discounted room. For me, the exception, if any, is that it just suits you at the time to invite that person to stay as your guest.
  7. JimBoone

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    I tend to wonder with the events of the last year or so if folks feel life could be shorter that they thought and decided to take the time to travel and enjoy before it became too late.
  8. JimBoone

    Can’t remember the exact quote

    Like Gillum, I generally feel blessed with life and where/how I live. I believe I've heard Gillum say "may you be as busy as you want to be" or something along that line. Perhaps I'm blessed by having enough, but not too much business, too much can be as bad as not enough on the happiness scale.
  9. JimBoone

    Why would you do this and why would you fail to mention it?

    I've been know to do that with the baseboard heat in bathrooms so that they wouldn't get forgotten and left on in the summer time, but my AC unit is also the room heat so not practical to switch that breaker, then again, I just want my guests to enjoy their visit, their choice of heat or AC is...
  10. JimBoone

    Hotels moving away from daily cleanings...

    As an individual (me as a guest) I always preferred to find my stuff where I left it and not moved or disposed of, as an operator we have always asked for that reason, most guests chose the "leave me alone" option. As a tiny motel, our guests may be different. I take the position that I'm the...
  11. JimBoone

    Message from Copperhead

    Thanks for keeping us posted on Copperhead.
  12. JimBoone

    Looking for some help

    I'm the odd one, 8 room motel, bed without breakfast, yet more like my friends here than the typical motel/hotel. I've learned much following my friends on this forum. I'm on the edge of a tourist town with many large hotels. Reviews cover items like, Clean, Friendly, Like visiting family. I...
  13. JimBoone

    What are your marketing efforts worth?

    Seems like property, houses in general, in many areas is selling well, often above asking price, how do you stand with your local market for housing?
  14. JimBoone

    There’s nothing to eat!

    No figuring young girls, remember family visiting friends and their daughter's idea of breakfast was to go to the drug store for a pack of crackers and a drink from the soda fountain. Me, breakfast is my favorite meal, I was spoiled by a B&B in Pennsylvania who offered a huge family style...
  15. JimBoone

    We’re ‘those people’

    Yep, Arks, I remember using sprayers like that, telling my age I guess.
  16. JimBoone

    Anti-Vax Guests

    But consider that we are all different people, we all want others to accept our differences but are quick to judge them for theirs. I'd be okay on the vaccine and mask part but I'm a winter person, I like the weight of cover and a cold room, the unit in my bedroom gets turned down every night...
  17. JimBoone

    We’re ‘those people’

    @Arks I seem to remember it being a game to follow the mosquito fogger truck as teenagers in the 50's, wonder if some of those things just toughened us up for old age.
  18. JimBoone

    Online Check-In

    @Generic Thank you for the info
  19. JimBoone

    Online Check-In

    @Generic what is your opinion of the ONLINE check-in feature? I've wondered if it would be beneficial. We have the advantage that guests don't come in our apartment unless invited. Since COVID check-in is done with a clipboard at the door so not a lot of guest contact. I often wonder how...
  20. JimBoone

    Going in alone

    Agree on both points, I felt I needed the outside job for income and insurance benefits that would not have been otherwise available to me, but also many blessings in this work for a happy life. I see the same sort of high prices in our area and agree to it being unreasonable. On the plus side...