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  1. wendydk

    Facebook Question

    As a Facebook newbie, I have a question for you veterans. On my Michigan Inn Guide Blog, opentracker has logged several dozen click throughs in the last two days to a blog story I posted 11/28 about the snow Michigan is expecting this year according to the Farmers Alm. Now, the click throughs...
  2. wendydk 2 or 3 Night Stay Gift Card

    Maybe I'm out of the loop already, but blog is talking about corporate and bulk discounts for gift card purchases, and one of the gift cards they talk about is a non-denominational two or three night stay card, available in standard, classic or premium (I assume these are price points.)...
  3. wendydk

    Would you buy a google ad to sell your B&B

    Weird... In checking my web stats for MIG, I notice that a "Michigan Bed and Breakfasts for Sale" page I recently deleted is still getting just tons of traffic (still has my tracking code, and still appears in search results of course). I did a google search myself on that term and was shocked...
  4. wendydk

    A Twofold Blog Question

    Here's a twofold from a traveler's standpoint and one from an innkeepers standpoint. If you found an Inn on a directory, and there was a link to their blog on the listing, would you click it? If so, would you click it BEFORE the website link, or would you click the website link...
  5. wendydk

    Early Check-ins Stuck in the Mud

    Just had my 2pm checkins call to say that they are stuck in the mud on a dirt road about five miles from the Inn. I ask. "Stuck in the mud where"? She said "It told us to turn on this dirt road". I ask (knowing full well the answer) "it what"? Of course, the GPS. My confirmation letter...
  6. wendydk

    Your TripAdvisor Listing has Evolved (Slightly)

    It looks like TA has made some big changes very recently. My listing is on the same page as the hotels/motels....just farther down the page...we're still listed as red-headed stepchildren, or an afterthought. Check your listing, if you haven't lately. TA looks to be listening, but if I'm going...
  7. wendydk

    New Innkeeper Transition Support

    For those of you who bought an existing Inn: What type of support did you get from the PO's? Was there a particular amount of time negotiated to help in the transition? How did that work for you? What did you not get from them that you needed? What would have made it easier? Advice from...
  8. wendydk

    People are so funny sometimes!

    Just had some custom glass tops made for all the dressers, nightstands and fireplaces in the guestrooms. People were always throwing their suitcases and setting wet glasses or cans on the tops of my dressers, and I finally broke down and had someone come in and measure and deliver some great...
  9. wendydk

    The Dessert Thief

    Last night, all six guests came back late, and ate dessert together. I was on the phone when I heard them leave the table and head to bed. After I got off the phone, I went out to the dining room, and the overhead chandelier has been turned off and there were five empty plates and one...
  10. wendydk

    Turning Guests into Friends

    Isn't it amazing how close you can get to some guests? We have a six-time repeat couple here this weekend...haven't been here in three years, and we sat around last night over a glass of wine and caught up. He lost his job of 25 years, her cancer has come back, their 40 yr old son FINALLY got...
  11. wendydk

    Seeking the Sound of Silence

    Norma Murray and her husband, Dr. Patrick Murray, never even mentioned the name of the establishment emanating so much loud music that it is seriously hurting their Seville Square business, the Lee House Bed & more
  12. wendydk offering Members $1 Listings on VRBO.COM and

    Dear XXXX & XXXX XXXXX, Innkeepers, To celebrate being a new part of the HomeAway, Inc. family, is pleased to offer a very special benefit to only Gold, Platinum or Diamond Collection members: a one-year VRBO Membership for only $1! Got one for the same offer on...
  13. wendydk

    "I don't have a reservation, but have to cancel anyway"

    Just got this email for an arrival tomorrow: Hello, I thought I made a reservation two weeks ago for this weekend. I never received any type of confirmation and this left me confused. So this a formal cancellation if there ever was a reservation. Your place looks wonderful and I would love to...
  14. wendydk

    As the Innkeeper of a 3 room Inn limited by size, which would you prefer and why:

    As the Innkeeper of a 3 room Inn limited by size, which would you prefer and why:
  15. wendydk

    Google Analytics

    Swirt...or someone... Recently I installed google analytics on my website along with opentracker to compare the two (yup, renewal date coming up). Is there any way to have GA break out traffic from the same referrer? IE...which visitors came through because of the's for sale page, our...
  16. wendydk

    Qualifying Buyers

    So, this might be a Bob Feuhr question...but here goes. We have had a flood of inquiries, website hits and realtor contacts about the B&B since it has gone on the market, and an average of a showing a month. Nearly every one was disqualified...mostly in terms of money. With this Inn, cash for...
  17. wendydk

    Pros and Cons of Continental

    For those of you who do a continental only breakfast.... What is your demographic? What do you serve, how, where and when? Do you feel it provides less Innkeeper/Guest Interaction? Do you feel it negatively impacts a guest's perception, or do they seem to prefer it? How much lower is your rate...
  18. wendydk

    Your "type" of Inn

    OK, so we all tell aspirings to "buy the type of Inn that you love to stay in", in order to attract guests that are most like yourself. I had no inkling of that when we started looking...we looked all over the country at operating Inns, but ended up starting our own for financial reasons. I...
  19. wendydk

    Odd Guestbook Entry

    Had some wacky repeats stay this weekend, and left this note in the room journal: "This room was alive with lovemaking for the entire weekend. A totality of loving mental, emotional and physical. Surrounded by the warmth of this house and it's keepers, how could it be otherwise?!" I'm thinking...
  20. wendydk

    Aspiring Innkeepers? DREAMERS!

    I had the most wonderful couple come and stay Sunday night. She said she has wanted to do a B&B for 20 years, but this was their first B&B stay(!) I only found out at checkout that they came to stay here because we are for sale, and she wanted to see it. They have their eyes on a 11-room...