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  1. Anon Inn

    This year's guests have left more tips than ever.

    Generally it seems B&B guests don't tip if there are not hired housekeepers. Some would not tip to owners as they are not 'the help'. This year has been very different. More tips than probably all prior years combined. It might be my now very gray hair! More likely just guests happy that a...
  2. Anon Inn

    A Tale of Two Jeffersons

    It was a two tip morning:) One departing guest left two crisp, new two-dollar bills, each under a polished stone. I have a small collection of odd bank notes, so I was delighted. One of the more unusual tips!
  3. Anon Inn

    New Wrinkle from TA?

    In today's email: From TA announcing a new program: " Tripadvisor Plus. This direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription program will allow travelers to access exclusive perks and discounts on accommodations, experiences, and so much more — all for a $99 annual fee. " ( fee paid by guest ) To be...
  4. Anon Inn

    Retiring the airpots

    Well, at least going into storage. I used to use one large airpot in the guest area for morning coffee, now it’s one smaller thermal carafe per guest room. Time for the large ones to go into storage. Per earlier advice here I finally have some pretty individual thermal carafes on order. I...
  5. Anon Inn

    New coffee carafe advice needed

    I used to put the large communal airpots upstairs for morning coffee. Now each room gets an individual thermal pot. The ones I use are showing their age. I like the way glass liners hold the heat, but haven’t found attractive looking ones. Care to share what you use?
  6. Anon Inn

    Reservation request for tonight

    Just got a phone request for tonight. Our county is in the process of applying for a variance that could allow a limited re-opening as soon as a week and a half. I let her know that and she was good with it. Another reality is that in an online county commissioners meeting yesterday it was...
  7. Anon Inn

    Difficult news

    My better half rehabbed two historic houses to create this inn. For the past twelve years it has been not only our home but because of his talent, craftsmanship and dogged hard work, a part time home for many others. It has been joyful for the both of us. As of a week ago, he is no longer...
  8. Anon Inn

    Astoria Oregon Odd fellows Hall Wins Grant

    Thank you Thank you Thank you to all who cast votes in favor of this project - they got the money! They will be doing window restoration and sound proofing in the coming year. Happy dance.
  9. Anon Inn

    Help with daily votes to secure a preservation grant

    Fellow volunteers at Astoria’s public radio station have purchased a downtown historic building. They have kept the existing tenants and are running an in-the-black (barely) operation. They have a lovely performance and event space upstairs. Affordable rates. Support from the community is...
  10. Anon Inn

    Router in poor health

    Three days ago, connectivity became troublesome for wireless devices. I spent some quality time with our internet provider. Thanks to an over and above customer service phone rep, it was diagnosed as not their problem. The tech stayed with me on the phone and did remote diagnostics on the...
  11. Anon Inn

    Air moving to host only fees

    Not yet in North America. But underway elsewhere...
  12. Anon Inn

    Air moving to host only fees

    Not yet in North America. But underway elsewhere...
  13. Anon Inn

    Ancient Forum Post Quirk

    I have this forum saved as an auto-opening tab in Google Chrome. When I open the forum from the tab, I always get the first posts from 10 years ago. Maybe this is happening to others - leading to the ancient posts coming up.
  14. Anon Inn

    Overdue New Site and Theme switch

    Looking strongly at ‘Avignon’ Hermès theme. The author has made many helpful posts here. Ive had trouble with guests phoning to make reservations after not being able to complete my ResKey page. Found out this morning that ResKey has layout pages that will likely solve this problem. If I...
  15. Anon Inn

    A communication from another Air lister

    Last night I got a message from another Air provider where our small city vacation rental is located. She was very concerned the city is imposing new short term rental regulations in an effort to maximize the number of long term rentals for full time city residents. She was proposing Air hosts...
  16. Anon Inn

    A first for me Foot down

    The moment when two women are checking in (early, but that’s OK today), and one of them is holding a dog. Im sorry we don’t take dogs. It’s stated clearly on our website. Her friend made the reservation. By phone. The question didn’t come up. Plus unhappy with stairs. so I’m adding pets...
  17. Anon Inn

    Coffee 4 cup filter packs

    Does anyone use or have experience with these? im thinking of replacing the coffee maker in our self catering apartment. Hubs suggested a hotel style 4 cup coffee maker. They have instructions printed on them and people are used to using them. Im looking to replace a 10 cup Mr. Coffee unit...
  18. Anon Inn

    Tax category for music CD

    Don’t laugh I play CDs for music during meals. I’ve always used my own CDs for this until purchasing a CD last year to play exclusively for music during during meals. I don’t play this or use the player at all for that matter except during guest meals. All other CDs are my own or gifts from...
  19. Anon Inn

    Sex at The Grandparent’s place

    Most of the comments are positive.
  20. Anon Inn

    40% off Square contactless chip reader through Vistaprint

    Just an email from Vistaprint with this offer. FYI