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    I LOVE this! Great Idea!!

    I think this is a GREAT idea! And how wonderful to do something with a higher purpose!
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    Do you understand Zillow?

    We have our B&B listed on Zillow As a FSBO listing I have access to my stats. In the past 24 hrs we have had 178 views to the listing (92 since midnight). It seems every weekend it jumps up to around that many views. I think that is REALLY Good, but what do I know...
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    Special Birthday Gift

    We have POTENTIAL buyers coming from out of state this weekend and staying 2 nights with us. He wants to see all the sights, and find out about our town (which could eventually be his - his current town only has a population of 2k). He said he wanted to take us out to dinner to discuss the...
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    FYI Future Innkeepers

    So we are trying to sell our B&B. We have decided to carry the business part of the loan our selves. If any 'Future Innkeepers' are interested in our property, Please give us a call and we can talk about the details. For info and pics you can go here...
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    Deterring the "Hotel" mentality

    Ok, so I've been thinking about this whole 'hotel' mentality type guests that we've been getting, which is very weird and unusual for us. We don't usually have the crazy kind of guests that most of you talk about. The B&B crowd is usually so different and WONDERFUL! I checked the prices at the...
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    A Realtor Video

    Realtor made this video. What is your opinion??
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    could this be credit card fraud?

    This does not feel right! Ok, so I had a guest book a wedding for Sept.but didn't have the deposit and said she would call the next day with the cc #. She did. The card was declined. She called with a new credit card # and it went through. She called again and said the wedding was off but they...
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    B&B in Rio??

    Hi Guys! My friend and practically family, has made it to the Olympics!! I'm soooo Proud of him. His family would like to go to Rio to watch him compete in the Olympics. Both parents are school teachers. The Olympic people told the family it will cost them $28,000. To stay in their condo's...
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    Travel writer??

    The State Tourism Office just called about a travel writer staying with us who is doing a story on the nearby tourist attraction. She is on assignment from the Chicago Tribune! The State Tourism booked the reservation! YAY! (he said, they choose us because of our reviews). We may or may not...
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    take time to enjoy your place!

    I love my sweet garden. I try to get out there and relax and soak it all in as often as I can. I made this video when it was a little overcast today (to avoid harsh light and shadows). I want to share it with you all. You all are like the flowers planted in my garden!
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    WOW! We made it into the top 10! Anyone else?

    Our little town made it into the top 10 of this group coming in at #9 (Boonville)! And my old stomping grounds at #6 (Pt. Townsend). Any of you on this list!
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    Tripping over T a

    So T r i p A calls and wants me to do a business listing with them. (so far I have not). They tell me I have a "Huge" amount of traffic to my current (free) listing at 1,411 views for the past year and that I'm losing a ton of revenue by not having the business listing. Our website has had...
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    Beautiful Sunset on the first day of Spring

    This beautiful sunset was taken with my phone. Its so spectacular I wanted to share it! When we don't have guests, we take our dinner up to the look out at the park up the road, and watch the sunset together! (very romantic)
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    Price Drop

    We have dropped the price. Now is the time if you have been wanting to buy an existing Inn, at a price you can afford!!! ListingID=1805
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    Whats the take away?

    Hi Guys! OK, so I've posted my (sell) listing which includes my website, a few times on fb (my personal page not the inn page). People are looking at it and sharing it on their pages. My stats show that the average daily hits to the site are about 47 from fb. (thats high for me). And the hits...
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    Stop dreaming and LIVE THE DREAM! You can own your own Award winning Bed and Breakfast! Ready for you to walk in and immediately have guests. Newer furnaces, water heater, plumbing, wiring,and roof. Everything has already been done so you can enjoy being an Innkeeper! Do you know you can deduct...
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    First weekend Done, one more to go!

    The first weekend of our Sugar Plum Tea is over and it was a big success and so much fun. I love the watching the childrens expressions as they experience the magic! We have one more weekend to go. We do this Saturday and Sunday for two weekends! You can see some pics here...
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    Hardest thing for an innkeeper happened today!

    My Sweet precious companion for the past 13 years went to doggie heaven today. She seemed fine yesterday morning, but then as the day progressed we knew she was headed towards that final pasture. I slept with her last night, and this morning, she was still in the same position she was in all day...
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    would you please vote?

    Would you please take a second and vote for my adorable Grand Daughter!! Please... Thank you!
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    We are officially Grandparents!

    our very FIRST grandchild was born last night! And she is PERFECT!!!