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    Parking is the window to the soul

    We have a gravel parking spot that fits two vehicles. I have a nicely painted signs with the name of each suite (we only have two suites) in front of each spot. Then we paint a white line down the center. Works like a charm! Before we did this people would take up both spots or park in weird...
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    Guests that never leave

    Yes, I agree, we too are way too quiet. I've had guests say they like the sound of someone else being about - makes them feel more at home. We have a lot of guests who have plans on going sightseeing or hiking and just end up staying here, perhaps going for a short walk. Took a while to get used...
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    Breakfast on your website?

    I'd eat the toast and fruit but pass on the yogurt (dairy!). Thanks! I'm not particularly fussy but do have some severe allergies to dairy (weird but cheese is different and doesn't bother me that much) and have a severe shellfish allergy (could die) so am very used to having to ask about...
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    Breakfast on your website?

    So...we West Coasters are picky, are we? Maybe healthier too! (I'm laughing here) Ok. So we are going on a road trip soon and I've booked the B&B and told them that I'm a "picky" vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs or dairy or, of course meat. You know it's not all that hard to make me happy. A bowl...
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    If you have dogs at your B&B.........

    I have a yellow lab whose favorite pass time is meeting people. Our guest suites both have separate entrances and the dog is not allowed at all in one (keeping it as allergy free as possible) but I do accept pets in the other one, so he has been known to visit on occasion. We now keep him inside...
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    Scam, Scam, Scam

    I've have several of theses scam emails myself over the past few years. However, this summer I received an email from someone in Italy looking for accommodation for "clients". I thought that it was a scam email but wanted some fun so I emailed back the details. Was I ever surprised that it was...
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    Best (inexpensive) room and guest software?

    There is iMagic Hotel Reservation - it is a software program for your computer and when you get a reservation, it links with Webervations and uploads to your availability calendar. You can try it for free and I believe it is very reasonable.
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    Septic systems

    You do have to be careful about using things like bleach. However, you can also rebuild the beneficial bacteria by flushing various septic friendly products down the toilet. Here, in Canada, we have one called SeptoBac and my neighbour puts something in her toilet tank that releases bacteria...
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    Gift from Australian guests and isn't there a kiwi amoung us?

    The egg cups are Dutch as well. I had them growing up (Dutch mother) and still have them in my China cabinet as keepsakes. Had Dutch guests here last year who used them and wanted to know if I used "egg prickers" before boiling eggs. My husband said, "Huh??", but I knew what they were talking...
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    Do you live around here?

    I am Canadian - living in British Columbia for the last 20 years. I am not sure how a European or American guest would know that I am originally from Alberta. And, as far as I know and can tell the Western Provinces have very similar accents - just some of the Eastern Provinces - Newfoundland...
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    Do you live around here?

    Almost every guest asks where I am from. It's almost the first question out of their mouths. Where do they think I am from? I sometimes have a bit of fun and make something up. And, they think my husband is the hired help - the gardener, the handyman and best of all, the bellhop!! Too funny. I...
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    This is what $3,000 buys...

    The home link at the bottom of the policy page is a broken link. It may actually be broken on all the pages? I just checked another.
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    What do these stats mean?

    Here's another site that explains things:
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    What IS that stain?

    Gee, thanks! I knew there was some kind of marine finish that I could use but didn't know what it was called! Yes, I was worried about the slip and fall thing and was only going to do the sides (it's a shower/bath all in one) and not the bottom but then that's where the stains are, on the bottom.
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    What IS that stain?

    Please do. I'll let you be my guinea pig! I am a little reluctant to use the Magic Eraser because it supposedly contains formaldehyde.
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    What IS that stain?

    Bleach and peroxide won't damage the fibreglass finish?? I've been meaning to turtlewax my tubs but haven't had the time to get it done yet.
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    What IS that stain?

    I've had hair dye stain my fibreglass bathtub. Could have been a red or auburn hair dye. I've tried everything too, to get it off. Also have what looks like a crayon mark on the bottom of the tub that won't come off.
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    I do pretty much what the rest of you say you do. However, if I see guests will be returning after dark, I turn a light on in the suite. The suites have separate entrances. I was told by one guest that it makes the return much warmer and inviting instead of coming into a dark room and, I think...
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    Vinyl/plastic sheets

    A while ago I came across some internet sites that say Vancouver is going to have real problems in 2010 with the winter Olympics. Even the really high end hotels already have had problems. Steam cleaning is a great idea - I already have a steamer and use it regularly on the beds with every...
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    Vinyl/plastic sheets

    Hi all, There was an article in today's local paper mentioning a problem in hotels. Apparently Vancouver and Whistler have problems as well. Pretty scary!