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    Guest Made clothes line for Undies

    Yes our guests from Denmark (a 6 night stay ) made themselves a clothesline in our front yard to hang not only their clothes but their undies. Therefore, all incoming guests got to see this as they drove up and of course think it is our doing. I offered them our washer and dryer but no they...
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    Love quarrel????

    A gal checked in yesterday afternoon and it was to be a birthday surprise for her boyfriend. She said she would be bringing him back around 8:00 pm. Before she went out for the afternoon, she requested, on the sign in sheet, the breakfast in room at 9:30 am option. It is now mid...
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    Where is your laundry room located?

    Our washer and dryer are presently located in the the worst possible spot! The kitchen. How inconvenient! We are presently renovating both the kitchen and the basement which is exciting me because we can replace the washer and dryer with 2 large fridges and have a large laundry room in the...
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    mini shampoo and conditioners

    I would like to buy, in bulk, a supply of those little shampoos and conditioners for the guest rooms. Do any of you know of a supplier who sells these at a reasonable price? I presently just run down and buy them from a department store wich sells them but that is getting costly so am looking...
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    In-room Appliances

    It would be ideal to have fridges, microwaves, coffee makers, kettles, etc. right in the guest rooms? Do any of you have these in your rooms or do you have a common area for guests to use these kinds of things? For those of you who do have in-room applicances, do you find they are worth having?
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    Disaster Breakfast

    Okay so breakfast was a disaster this morning. Omelets was on the menu. When guests sign in they are asked if there is anything they can't or won't eat? Not a one mentioned a thing and I always tell them to make sure they fill in the dislike part.. I, therefore, assumed everyone loved...
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    Bed size

    We are making a new room by combining a bathroom and a back staircase (which in the old days was a servants' staircase). Still, the room will likely be our smallest and is virtually long and narrow but will have 3 windows, a deck off of it, a fireplace and ensuite. We are debating whether to...
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    Main floor bathroom for guests

    We have just one bathroom on our main floor and that is in our private quarters. Guests, at breakfast, often ask to use the main floor bathroom and we have to send them upstairs to their room (sometimes 2 flights of stairs). They often look at us funny, like to say "What no bathroom on the main...
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    Couples must be a legally married husband and wife

    Just looking at a b & b website with a very unusual guest policy Couples must be a legally married husband and wife though a lot of us would love a policy like this, and I'm sure 50 years ago we all would have imposed it but in 2011 I know our occupancy would be at about 1/2 it is now if we had...
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    Vive le Liberty

    Happy Independence day to all our American innkeeper friends.
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    Can I have a look at the room first?

    I know we have all had them....guests who made the reservation a month earlier and still arrive and say CAN I HAVE A LOOK AT THE ROOM FIRST. Then I panic thinking perhaps they did not like the look of the outside or the entrance or what? Or is it just those kind of people who always want to see...
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    Common Areas

    I would like to know how much space in your home do you think should be used as common areas. I was at a b & b recently which used every available space in their house as guest rooms. There was just one tiny little reception room consisting of three chairs, as you entered the house. There was a...
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    A Fawlty Towers morning it was -

    A Fawlty Towers morning for DH Yesterday, we had a fawlty towers morning. Couple, he very old and she very young (2 night stay) left the house after their breakfast and my DH who is renovating the room below them (when guests are not in the house), thought that since they just left for the day...
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    14 tricks hotels do to cut costs
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    breakfast conversations

    And this morning breakfast consisted of 1) a couple who brought their entire easter family album to the breakfast table in hopes we would enjoy as much as they do, 2) a woman who discussed her separation and husband's adulterous affair as if he wasn't even sitting right beside her which he was...
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    When someone leaves a tip (usually cash) in their room after checking out do you

    When someone leaves a tip (usually cash) in their room after checking out do you
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    2010 Olympic Hockey Game

    I hope you are all as excited as I am about the hockey game today....for Gold! Canada vs. U.S.A. May the best team win!.
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    Could I have a doggie bag please

    Yes, the guest this morning could not eat all of her second helping omelet so asked for a doggie bag. I obliged. That was a first. Another 2 guests this morning announced that they would be renewing their vows in front of our main floor fireplace at 6:00 pm, something we were never informed...
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    b & b prices

    We are planning an anniversary get away and I found this b & b in Minot, ND which is about a 4 hr. drive from us. The place looks great but the prices seem way too low. Have a look.
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    original owner's decendants coming to stay

    Yes, the original owners' granddaughter and great granddaughter of this old house we live in have booked two night's in the master suite where their grandparents slept. They are coming tonight from California. We of course are very excited and so are they. The original owner owned a brick...