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    Air and ResKey

    Can I connect AirB calendar to Reskey directly or do I need something to link them indirectly?
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    Rez Key down?

    Can not make the reservation on line- getting error. Anybody getting same?
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    We had a first overbooking - the longer I think about it more sure I am it was the Book ing. com system glitch as I went carefully through all reservations and found inconsistencies on their calendar. Will talk with the rep tomorrow - but this morning I went through real hell. Whole town is...
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    So, it is official

    In 2 days we will no longer have the T rip Ad visor business listing. I tried again today and they would not negotiate the price. They want over 50% increase over the last year rate. All they are prepare to do for me is less than 10% discount on the new rate. Considering that our dollar is only...
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    50% increase

    Well, here it is. Remember- I got the email from TA wanting me to agree to new rules and regulations. Just had that feeling that somebody is about to kick me in the belly. The new rules state that they can renew your annual listing and may not even notify you in advance, so you may be renewed...
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    TA new regulations

    Got the email from them today-new regulations for business listing owners -you must accept by the end of the month or you will be locked out. Did anybody receive them as well?
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    Did anybody got call from them?

    Got very odd call from somebody claiming to be from boutique bed dot com. Never heard of them. When I search for the name it leads to the website that you can not search anything on. Their Face book is not linking either.
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    Another house trashed

    Another house trashed on air b n b -this time in Calgary. Got to CBC on line news for details.
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    Illegal downloading

    How do you protect yourself from guests downloading the copyrighted content while using your internet?
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    Tripconnect - again

    I know we talked about it before - short memory here. Send the email to the TripA 4 days ago and they are very slow to respond - got generic email yesterday and I had impression that they are not particularly interested. My question to you who are on it: What is the charge for that service? I...
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    Is it worth it?

    Have been thinking for some time - bed an breakfast dot com is coming for renewal. We have drooped almost all paid directories and I see less and less value in this one. Hard to say how many reservations really came from them - had 89 listing views and 25 web clicks in December. Any thoughts?
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    You know how you have a feeling sometime that your guests are having overnight guest? how about 10 unpaid guests trying to stay over in the suite paid for 4?! I am not kidding!!!! Caught them red handed. I though I saw it all, I guess there are still some new tricks there to surprise us
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    Seven bedrooms - 2 bathrooms!

    Heard of new B&B that opened recently. They have 7 bedrooms (with 2+ guests max occupancy each) and only 2 shared bathrooms (?!) Makes me wonder who would want to share the bathroom with potentially 10+ guests each morning.
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    Review- need your help

    Got a bad review, and what worse I think is a fake. Check our records and nobody matching that description fits any of our guests for July. Contacted TA but it will take some days before they take a look and hopefully respond to it. II need to respond to it - please need your help. Any...
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    What do you say?

    What do you say to a potential guest who refuses to give you the credit card? Had a call today about the inquiry for a bedroom starting today for 2 days. He wanted to make the reservation and arrive in 2 hours- no problem I have availability. Gave me his name, phone number and "I do not fee...
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    Anybody using them? Any comments. They are tripconnect ready and they pricing looks very reasonable
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    Strange day

    2:42pm-phone call Guest - "We have reservation with you for today (3 days stay) and we are 3 hours away" Me -thinking -Check in was for 4-5pm-well, they will be late Guest -"Do we need a passport to cross the border?" Me-"Yes you do. We are in different countries." Guest-"We do not have them...
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    What irritates you?

    My short list of irritants: - guest moving the furniture in the bedroom - undoing and ruining curtain tassels - plugging the toilet - taking food from the breakfast table "for later" - leaving front door unlocked - leaving the lights on when out - having windows open and AC on - setting up the...
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    Bed review

    You know right from the moment they enter -PITA!!!! - trouble. Made reservation on line, agreed to our policy. Refused to pay on arrival - clearly marked on our website, on line booking form - to which they agreed by checking off the box and on the confirmation. DH came upset - no respect and...
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    Four more days

    How often you take the reservation and your PITA alert is going off? Well this how this story goes. We have a couple of locations. One of them is traditional B&B and the other self catering suites that come with kitchenettes. Our website is very specific what is included and provided at each...