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  1. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Sold EZPZ

    Put our Inn on Zillow. Sold it to our neighbor within a month and he is going to combine our historic Inn with his restaurant, vineyard and wedding business. We have been so busy. We have set all time new sales records 13 months in a row but the housekeepers both are gone, the landscapers are...
  2. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    Curious as to how others are doing. Our average rate is down very slightly but our occupancy has sky-rocketed. In April and May room rates were bare bones but ran over 90% occupancy with elderly people from New York and NJ trying to escape the pandemic doing stays of 2 to 6 weeks. So final...
  3. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Anyone else having Bed and breakfast dot com technical problems

    Issue 1: No emails and no texts about reservations coming for 2 months They used to send us an email and a text when we got a booking through them. The last 5 reservations no text, no email. We have our account set to never send anything to spam so it couldn't have gone there, the box is and...
  4. An Old Tavernkeeper

    Military Officer Personal Request to be careful advertising to Retired and especially Active Duty Military

    At our local area BnB Association the local military base community affairs officer asked us to be careful advertising on our websites to active duty military, no longer publicly advertise free rooms for Vets on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day, etc. The officer repeated the old...
  5. An Old Tavernkeeper

    A short story about the parents of the Bride and Groom

    New to the forums I decided to tell you all one of those stories I can't tell to my guests, put in my newsletter or on our Facebook page. But I can tell you! Years ago there was a wedding at the vineyard next door that brought us a group from the bride's side of the aisle On Sunday they all...