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    Video file size increase

    The video maximum files size has increased from 10240 kb to 51200 kb. Also there is now a new Upload Video button down on the left next to the Attach files button.
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    Please read for more software tips.

    1. On the top right above the dark bar is where you can see if you are watching a thread, or not watching a thread. Here is where you click to watch a thread. If watched, you will receive an alert (the little bell in the top right corner of page) when a new post is made. If you are...
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    How to make a post & how to reply with and without quotes

    1. Look down the list of forums and find the one you wish to post into. 2. Click on that title and it will open and show the index of threads in that forum. 3. At the top of the index of threads, there is a blank line. That line is for the title of the thread you are going to post. Click...
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    How to not see ads when logged in!

    I know you would like to make the ads go away. Here's how you do it. Go to the upper right hand corner and Click on your member name. That will open your User Control Panel. Then go down to Preferences. Click on Preferences and then go about 1/3 down the page you will find Disable...