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    Am I Becoming Extinct?

    Dead here in Toronto. All my bookings cancelled and hardly any inquiries. With so little to do in the city-why would anyone come.
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    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    Since middle of March had 1 stay in May and have a booking for next week. Hopefully will not cancel. Beside that, have a couple of booking for September but since they are guests from Europe-waiting for cancellation. To summarize -we made $700 in 4.5 months.
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    Optional Breakfast?

    We offer 6% discount for "no breakfast" option and charge $15+ tax/per person/per day for extra breakfast. Most of our guests choose breakfast in. From time to time we get opt outs if they have to be somewhere early. Our earliest breakfast is at 8 am and I rather give them few $ off to get some...
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    Considering that 4 years ago they wanted from me $3000 for paid listing - that looks like a better deal. So far in 12 days I spent about $16 on the clicks. I think small 3 bookings are result of it. Not bad return.
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    Yes, but if you sign up for 365 days and each day your $10 is reached - you could get that high.
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    $10/day it was minimum I had to put up to use pay per click. It perhaps can be different amount in other places. I am in Toronto and can not lower it below $10/day
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    To be on Click I had to put min $10 per day (you can set up that $10 is also your daily max) otherwise would not set it up. Yes, at $10/day you could pay $300/month or more if your max is higher
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    Air and ResKey

    Can I connect AirB calendar to Reskey directly or do I need something to link them indirectly?
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    When I go to ResKey "external connections" all I can do Under Air is click on "enable" or "disable". Does not ask me for anything else-no forms to fill
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    Please help me understand: are you talking about Tripconnect pay-per click (at $.20+/click and min $10/day) or Tripconnect Instant Booking - when I check on this one get this message "Your connectivity partner, ReservationKey, is in the process of becoming a TripConnect Partner. To find out when...
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    Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accomodation

    Never could figure out why to join
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    Just wanted to say same - smage the place to remove their lingering energy
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    The Summer of Calls

    Explain why would you be weary? Looking at my number you would not have a clue if it is a landline or a mobile. When I ask my guests to text me when delayed - they are surprised that they can
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    The Summer of Calls

    We have a lot of this call this year as well. Any time they call after 11 pm looking for the room for that night - we are full. I am not getting out of my bed and disturbing the house. And just like you - cell is the business number/emergency number - we no longer have a landline.
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    Things People Do....

    The most infuriating is when I have guests as they just enter my home blandly ask me where is my accent from. In 13 years it is only the guests from the south part of North America that ask. I understand (not really - what difference does it make - it is just a curiosity) one may be intrigued...
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    Day off in July

    Glad you are busy. We still getting last minute bookings. So far August looks more promising. The 150 celebration did not rub off on us so far.
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    Day off in July

    Here we go again-an email this morning to shorten the stay by 2 days and a phone call to add 1 day to another booking. One step forward and 2 steps back
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    Day off in July

    Good one. I wish
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    Day off in July

    That is almost all we getting. Where are your countryman to take the 25% discount that our $ offers? Is what I am asking.
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    Day off in July

    Same here- last year was great. All I am getting now is last minute bookings and short stays.