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    Off the topic chuckle. My 7 year old granddaughter had a sleepover last night. This morning she wanted to make a paper airplane. I have a special drawer in the buffet with all kinds of paper for the grandkids. I told her that there was a tablet in the drawer that would be good for that...
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    Our city's population is 250,000. The powers that be have decided that Public Health Inspections of short term rentals, B and B's, etc. will only be inspected if there is a complaint. In other words---complaint driven. Also a business license will be issued to new businesses without having...
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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to fellow Canadians. Eat lots and enjoy the day with family and friends.
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    This is off the topic but a cute story from last week. I am in the middle of school/farm visits---May and June---pre kindergarten and kindergarten. Last Tuesday, 5 year old Braxton was out with his class. He is a special needs child, ADD and some other issues. Part of my spiel in the...
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    airbnb/city/bed and breakfast

    I met with the business licensing department in our city today regarding the licensing of airbnb members. There are 60 listings on airbnb and 10 legal b and b's in the city. Three legal b and b's also list with airbnb, no problem with that. Was not expecting too much out of the city but at...
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    Still trying to fight airbnb

    I found some interesting articles about airbnb by asking Mrs. Google "How to fight" Many of you have probably done that already but I am such a luddite. The other interesting sight is "How to fight "" It is a taxi service run very simular to airbnb. That is really popular...
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    Clean window screens?

    Clean window screens anyone? A fellow innkeeper gave me a tip. For fall cleaning of window screens---take them to a car wash that has a wand for washing. Wow, it did a great job. Anyone else do this?
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    Just couldn't help it today! Off the topic a bit. I have 2 batches of kittens in the barn ready to go to their forever homes. I put an ad on KIJIJI (Craig's list) offering free kittens. Had a reply from a Lynn. She wanted to know what came with the kitten. I replied that it came with 4...
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    Am I too long in the business?

    Maybe 20 plus years is too long but there have been so many times in the past where a very young voice has phoned and inquired about a room. It generally starts out "Me and my girlfriend want to come out for a night"! I have been so tempted to empty the room out completely, put two bales of...
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    Finally getting some action regarding airbnb's and compliance regulations. I have been corresponding with the provincial tax department regarding airbnb's. Have to start somewhere. The tax department has sent a form letter to two airbnb members that are also complying with all the...
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    Went on airbnb web site the other day to see what was available in our town of 250 thousand population. There are 25 airbnb operations to the 10 licensed, health and fire inspected, tax paying Bed and Breakfasts. And we wonder why it has been an extremely quiet winter. There are 71 airbnb to...
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    silk duvets

    Luddite Charlie Mae here. Does anyone use silk filled duvets on the guests beds? According to the brochure from Costco, they are made of non-allergenic silk fill with a cotton cover. Supposedly to keep one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And they don't bunch up like feather...
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    Hi all you interesting folks on this forum. I have been reading all the comments for the past year or so and truly enjoy them. We have been running our B and B for about 25 years--after most of the kids left for most of the time! Unfortunately, I am a real luddite when trying to navigate the...