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    Rezovation vs. ResKey

    I'm sure this topic has been covered several times, but can anyone tell me if ResKey can import from Rezovations Desktop? Obviously I have all of my reservations in the system currently and would have to have to hand craft each one in ResKey. So, what say you? And for anyone who has used...
  2. K

    Best Sheets?

    Hi All, Can you tell me the best source for GOOD sheets and towels? I use Turkish Towels which are great, but have a variety of sheets. I didn't know if there was a single source that Innkeepers go to for the best sheets at a wholesale price. Just wondering. Thanks...
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    Opinion on Web Site

    Hi. I would like comments on our website. I created it and wanted to find out if I'm missing anything critical. Thanks!
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    Take a look ...

    At my new first picture of the house. Please comment. (first pix in the slide) www(dot)boisehillsidesuites(dot)com
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    How to get on TA

    I submitted my listing to trip advisor, but have heard nothing. Can you tell me -- is there another way to get on or do I just wait it out?
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    Breakfast Dilemma

    Some of you may have already read this already, but I need advice on how to proceed. Our house is more of a historic - hand built house. Thus, there is no dining room. All of the other suites have *private* entrances detached from the main house. One suite, the biggest and best, has a...
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    New Owner Needs Advice

    Hi All! So we're very close to opening (April 22nd) our new bed and breakfast in Boise, Idaho. This is where I lean on your assistance. I built our website and am tapped into facebook, twitter (all the usual social medias). I really need to know what are some of the creative marketing ideas...
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    New B&B and website in Boise, Idaho

    Please comment and tell me what you think: