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  1. alias annie

    Would You Respond to this Email I Received Today?

    You can also check with your tourism or town hall.... they would probably know the scoop of an upcoming project
  2. alias annie


    This is on the confirmation, should the guest actually read it: "Guests and Non-Registered Guests: For everyone’s safety and consideration, only registered guests are permitted on the property unless permission has been obtained by the innkeepers. If you are planning activities that may include...
  3. alias annie

    Current Sales/Purchase Market for Inns and B&Bs?

    We are retiring 5/1/23 or sooner.... we are working on our exit strategy with hospitality consultant, realtor, and CPA. It's a seller's market in our area right now, so we may move up or retirement date.
  4. alias annie

    What else can we do for you?

    Primarily, we get our business via word of mouth or by google search. We have our rack cards at the information stations at the nearby military training site and Dept of State site. Billeting office has our information. I like and post FB messages tagging those institutions.... not ads but...
  5. alias annie

    What else can we do for you?

    the local per diem rate here per OPM is $96 plus tax. The rates vary on locality, for example DC area per diem rates vary from $160-$256 depending on the month. $12 for a full breakfast, $8 for light or to-go breakfast. We are not a destination location, so this business model is working for us.
  6. alias annie

    Great resource!

  7. alias annie

    What else can we do for you?

    We provide lodging for military and State Dept travellers at per diem rates. We have just implemented charging extra for meals as they do have a separate allowance for meals. One night stays are more work, but I am grateful to have this business and their repeat business. They are also great...
  8. alias annie

    Looking to buy a b&b

    When we retire (hopefully in 2023) we plan on finding a house with an in-law suite or walk-out basement - that will work for us quite well.
  9. alias annie

    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    depending on your location and the severity of covid in your area, no meals or meals to go may be an option. We are in Phase 3 here and that means, everyone wears a mask (except while eating), social distancing at all times. We can space people out in our dining room or serve at different...
  10. alias annie

    Under reconstruction

    hey y'all - it's been ages since I have visited this site. I was wondering if it was still active!
  11. alias annie

    Pets vs Service Dogs. What is the difference?

    I have an acquaintance who is training a service animal for emotional impairments but the dog is still not yet certified. would you take a service animal in training?
  12. alias annie

    Guest makes "best offer" regarding rates

    What??? Arrogance is a good description.....that would bring the cuss -woman out in me!!
  13. alias annie


    "I like children..... parboiled" adapted from WC Field's quote
  14. alias annie

    Use of Alcohol in Cooking

    "due to religious reasons" that's another issue, too, that I hadn't thought of before.
  15. alias annie

    Use of Alcohol in Cooking

    I use vanilla and other food flavorings in small quanitites when baking but I won't use rum or butter rum extract, nor would I use Jack Daniels bbq sauce. I use apple or grape juice or ciders in place of wine when called for. Restaurants will offer content in their description of sauces and...
  16. alias annie

    Use of Alcohol in Cooking

    You're probably right!! :-)
  17. alias annie

    Use of Alcohol in Cooking

    Just a side since I noted that Grand Marnier and other alcohol being used in some of the recipes. There may be times when you have a guest who is in recovery, that the alcohol could be a problem for them. Just as the person with celiac cannot have any form of gluten - a few people are that...
  18. alias annie

    I don't think we'll ever understand why...

    we had guests show up for a room for 2 who had child in tow..... room is only for 2 people and room for family was already booked. I guess they didn't think children in arms counted. I did offer to check availability elsewhere but they declined. Hate when that happens
  19. alias annie

    Who was your funniest or most memorable guest?

    The most memorial guests would be The Sopranos... They over took the inn. Their helpful suggestions (on everything) was passive-aggressive and manipulative. They complained about the prices. They were loud, rude and obnoxious in a group (mob behavior) They came, they stayed, they left.
  20. alias annie

    It's that kind of weekend

    has anyone had problems with the Red Hatters? I've heard that there's a hotel in FL that is always booked when a Red Hatter group wants to book - from a rowdy bunch in the past - too loud, too much booze, poor tips, rooms a wreck. That is probably an isolated incident, but that hotel won't...