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  1. K

    France B&B's

    Lesson learned - things aren't always as they seem, but good, kind service doesn't need a language. Well-said, my friend!
  2. K

    Greetings from India

    Hello! Our son-in-law is from India, and we have learned so much about the people, culture, and's a wonderful country, and I hope to go there someday......maybe stay at your B&B
  3. K

    Innkeeping Pet Peeves

    Wow!! Great Guiness ad........thanks
  4. K

    March - Yucko!

    Need an innsitter for that vacation ?
  5. K

    Happy Birthday Don D

    Happy Birthday, Don! Hope you're going out for a good time March 2nd is a good day..........also my daughter's birthday!!
  6. K

    RezKey Correspondence

    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHO........I've been reading these posts and had an idea, but couldn't put acronym all together
  7. K

    RezKey Correspondence

    Would you please tell me what a PITA is?
  8. K

    Ideas with respect to manager's position

    Just curious, has this position been filled?
  9. K

    No Good Deed...

    Sorry, again I'm new.......what is PITA?
  10. K

    Truman Show

  11. K

    The Straight Dope on Facebook, Twitter, and SEO

    That's what I just learned in this class: you have to have a personal profile to open a fan/business page. Jutst find a 20-year old and ask them....they know everything about it.
  12. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    ....Not that any of you could attend said convention without an innsitter ;)
  13. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    I can see there are just soooo many clever and interesting innkeepers out there........B&B conventions must be a gas!!
  14. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    OOOhhh good advice there!
  15. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

  16. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    I have always felt like the 'server' of people. Catering was surely that - and I loved it. And I see innkeeping as just another extension of my desire and drive to 'serve people.' It's what I do and who I am. It's what energizes me.
  17. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    Thank you, Ike, for the time you've taken to write some pretty passionate comments. I appreciate that!
  18. K

    Aspiring Inn Sitter

    I appreciate your advice and any other's I get on this website. That's a good idea! Thanks