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  1. Morticia

    For the love of all that’s holy…

    …GO! Right now! Try to make a reservation from your website like you’re a guest. Clear your cache first. Yes, I’m trying to make reservations to go somewhere. I may just drive the three hours both ways and forget it. The places below are charging a minimum of $250/night, most were $300+...
  2. Morticia

    We’re ‘those people’

    We’ve been enjoying the cooler weather here up until last night. We’ve had the windows open and, during the day when no one else is here, we’ve left the door to our room open, too. Last night it got humid and stifling so Gomez turned on the A/C. When I went to bed, I first checked the door was...
  3. Morticia

    Best of times/worst of times?

    I’ve been hearing from the innkeeper cohort in my old town that this year is on track to break all records for revenue and occupancy. And to break all records for most obnoxious guests. Now, *I* know all about obnoxious guests, but some of these stories are just too much. Are you finding this...
  4. Morticia

    Thanks for the reports

    The person who has been spamming has been removed. Please continue to file complaints about any member who is spamming you via the messaging system.
  5. Morticia

    Ring doorbell question

    The house we are hoping to buy has a ring device. How do we turn it off? The sellers have already moved out and we don't know if they are available to help with this. We're pretty boring people but we still don't need the sellers keeping an eye on us. ;-)
  6. Morticia

    Internet TV?

    So, the house we’re moving to does not have satellite or cable but it does have wicked fast internet. The present owners have Roku. What other internet TV options have you used? What’s the best way to choose? i realize we’re late to the game and it’s possible the TV we have is too old. (Well...
  7. Morticia

    Interesting comments

    We’ve had some interesting comments from guests this past week as news filters out we’ve retired. One was that they thought I was one tough cookie when they first met me, but realized it’s just me being efficient in getting the information to them that they need. They followed that up with...
  8. Morticia

    Last breakfast is in the books!

    We’ve retired! Right now I’m contemplating what to do with the rest of my life.
  9. Morticia

    Up charges?

    I’ve created a bunch of packages over the years that include admission tix and things like that. We also had a cheese platter that we lost money on because we rarely have cheese on hand and always had to buy it special. So we really couldn’t double the price or no one would have bought it. A...
  10. Morticia

    Let the season begin!

    We’re pretty clear that we cannot do early check in this year due to extensive cleaning after guests check out. But ‘using the bathroom’ at 10:30 am doesn’t count as ‘checking in,’ right?
  11. Morticia

    Need a garnish for baked oatmeal

    We’re having baked oatmeal and I need something to dress it up. We usually serve it in ramekins, but I don’t have enough of them. It just looks like a big blob on the plate. What can I put on top to make it look less like dog food?
  12. Morticia

    Looking up

    So, we’ve gone from 1 reservation being made every two weeks or so to getting 2 reservations every day. Things are looking up for the season.
  13. Morticia

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    Anyone else get informed the T&C on TripAdvisor are changing? I haven’t had a chance to log on and read them but the email stated they need to access our websites and apps to insure guests are getting valid information. I don’t get this. They don’t need my permission to look at my website, so...
  14. Morticia

    Google Analytics - yea or nay?

    Does anyone here NOT have GA installed on their website? I never use it and I keep getting emails from Google to update this and that code. Does anyone have any verified research that Google cares one way or the other about being able to track what goes on with your website traffic? IE- if I...
  15. Morticia

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all! We’ve survived a tough year. Even those who had their best year ever still had concerns. May you all have a successful year in 2021, no matter how you measure success. Thank you all for being here, for settling in to our new ‘home,’ for welcoming innkeeping newbies to...
  16. Morticia

    Plug in for making charts?

    Does anyone know of a plug in for making charts in WordPress? I have one now but it is not responsive so if you look at it on a phone it cuts off the info at the far right, which is where the price is. I use this for packages so guests can see, at a glance: type of room, floor level, bed size...
  17. Morticia

    How to - new website

    I feel pretty silly asking this, but after generic posted about revamping a website I figured it was a good idea. once I find a template I like can I build the website on my computer and then upload it? If not, how do I keep the new template separate from the one that’s live? How do I...
  18. Morticia

    In tears...

    Just got the mail. We have a bunch of guests who always send Christmas cards. Love to see how their families have grown over the years! Opened one card and a check fell out. Thought they wanted to buy a gift certificate. Nope. It was a gift to us. I’m verklempt.
  19. Morticia

    Cleaning out the fridge

    This is not the first time we’ve had someone call (or just show up) to collect whatever they left in the fridge. They think it’s ok to leave food in the fridge after check out that they’ll just pick up later in the day on their way home. We do ask guests to label the bags and boxes so we know...
  20. Morticia

    Crazy guests

    This weekend we have a combo of super loud guests who do not have inside voices and in another room we have super loud kids. Thank goodness they are in the room at the far end of the house. I can feel the floor vibrating and all they’re doing is walking. Well, that and slamming the bathroom...