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  1. inncogneeto

    Hear me scream!

  2. inncogneeto

    Holiday open house

    We are mulling over the idea of doing a holiday open house. For those of you who have done this, has it paid off? I'm thinking 4-6 hours on a Sunday afternoon, cookies, hot beverages and maybe live music, feature our gift shop items for sale for holiday shopping... Where have you found to be...
  3. inncogneeto

    Guidebook listing freebees

    Anyone heard of Open Road Guidebooks? What is the protocol for dealing with writers? The writer who contacted us from this company asked for a free room and said they may want to feature us.... After reading about the Rachael Ray fiasco, I'm not sure I even want to deal with this. I'm not sure...
  4. inncogneeto

    I may be done...

    with the special food requests. Request for gluten free this weekend, went out and got all the stuff, checked all the websites of the ingredients for the menu for the whole weekend, to make sure, house of 8 this weekend. 1 gluten-free person, but not wanting to make 2 of everything, i bought...
  5. inncogneeto


    I'm noticing a trend around here... When I have guests who are staying here as a respite from camping at the local national parks, things go missing.... like blankets ( 3 in the last 6 weeks) and entire new rolls of toilet paper. frustrating. The blanket thing is really bugging, I just bought...
  6. inncogneeto

    Looky Loos

    The next person who calls insisting they see the room before booking because "they want to see if it's a place I want to stay in or not", while I'm in the middle of dinner with my family, is going to get this response: "Well that's good, because I want to see you before I decide whether I want...
  7. inncogneeto

    naming the tub

    Ok, I have two baths with jacuzzi whirlpool tubs that are part of a shower/jet tub combo. Would like your suggestions on describing them accurately as a room amenity, It is a "Jacuzzi" brand whirlpool tub, but for some reason people think we're talking a ten person tub you find next to a pool...
  8. inncogneeto

    Weddings = Pita Parties

    They haven't even checked in and already been baptised by the name of PITA. Showed up an hour early for check- in with their vendors, some of whom are a day early. Told dh that I said they could come early, I most certainly did NOT, Thank YOU! Check in is at 4pm people! Had to get after them for...
  9. inncogneeto

    Frozen cookies

    So when you freeze the cookie dough to pop in the oven, do you have to thaw it first? Or just throw them in and cook longer?
  10. inncogneeto

    I just want to say....

    Thank you to swirt and everybody here. Things get so crazy around here and I rarely have time to go out and socialize like I did before innkeeping. It's so fun to be able to come here and comiserate and share, I look forward to reading the posts everyday, feel like I'm having my watercooler...
  11. inncogneeto

    Uh, Sorry?

    Soooo.... Anyone ever go up to clean a bathroom thinking that your SO was already up there starting on the shower, only to accidentally walk in on a nude guest of the opposite sex? Dh thinks saying "Sorry" is an inappropriate response, might add insult to injury! Uh... Yeah. And why, when this...
  12. inncogneeto

    Taboo Subjects

    I know politics are off the table in our inns and here on the forum, but in an election year, do any of you show your support for your candidate as a business or even just personally, like wearing your button or whatever? After all, your inn is also your home, anyone have signs on their lawns...
  13. inncogneeto

    Wood Floors or Carpet?

    Wood Floors or Carpet?
  14. inncogneeto

    What do you do? PITA magnet moving West.

    Guy never checked out... Left luggage in room. Have guests checking into same room for weeklong stay. Call guy, oh, I'm __________insert place. I will come get my luggage in a week, when I'm passing through again! Told him we need to know WHEN, so we can make sure we're here to give it to him...
  15. inncogneeto

    Bread Machines

    Anyone use one? Have any good recipes? Mine is a few years old, and the recipes are really just the very basic of basic...Are the recipes for these machines pretty adaptable to any machine? Thanks!