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  1. four at four forty four


    Has anyone ever added innkeeper/ bed & breakfast owner to their resume? Suggestions on wording and listing responsibilites? Thanks!
  2. four at four forty four

    walk ins - rooms available, but not ready

    just curious what other do in this situation... when people knock on your door in the afternoon looking for a room. you actually have rooms available, but they are not ready for whatever reason. do you turn them away? tell them you'd have sometime available in an hour? etc? Thanks!
  3. four at four forty four

    ephrata ... manheim or lititz?

    as i mentioned in a previous post looking for a b&b (which i found and booked), my mom and i are traveling to the lancaster area tomorrow. (i still can't believe i get a couple nights away from my b&b ... i won't know how to act as a guest!) anywho... we will have some time on friday from about...
  4. four at four forty four

    bed and breakfast near york/lancaster pa?

    hello fellow innkeepers! my mom and i are traveling to the york/lancaster PA area this weekend and are looking for a room with two beds for friday evening. my nephew is celebrating his forth birthday on saturday. can anyone out there help? thanks a million!!
  5. four at four forty four

    hometown t-shirts - resources?

    hi! does anyone sell t-shirts, hats etc at their bed and breakfast that feature their logo or hometown information? no one in my town currently sells nice t-shirts with the town's name on them. as cheesy as it sounds they'd sell super well! people are always looking for them. any...
  6. four at four forty four

    people are killing me this week

    i'm not going to even going into all my frustrations this week, but i do need to vent about this one. I just got back from the grocery store. (Note that two of my rooms are in a carriage house, a couple feet behind the main house/building and have their own seperate entrances.) i noticed to...
  7. four at four forty four

    the need to please

    for as long as i can remember i've had a need to please. which, as you might expect, can be good and bad. i think it makes me a good innkeeper, but i think it causes me a great deal of personal stress. at times, almost overwhelming. my bed and breakfast is located in an older home. there is one...
  8. four at four forty four

    fools names in fools places

    hey ya'll! i'm looking at getting some mugs printed ... or notepads ... or pens ... with my b&b name and info. I looked through some of the archives and resources, but didn't find too much helpful info... just wondering who you guys and gals use for this stuff? who's the cheapest? best quality...
  9. four at four forty four

    stop taking my peaches!

    so yesterday i bought peaches to use for breakfast. when i woke up in the morning two of them are gone. ( my kitchen is sort of a common area where guests must walk through to get to their room. the peaches were in a bowl in the corner of my counter top.) so i discovered when cleaning rooms...
  10. four at four forty four

    a quilt {inspired by charm}

    Hey everyone! I've mentioned my little blog on here before, but wanted to give another quick shout out to all your fellow bloggers and innkeepers. check out this link: If you blog, your support is greatly appreciated! if...
  11. four at four forty four


    hi everybody. has anyone ever ordered custom postcards for their inn? i have a bunch of images i took from the bed and breakfast and local area that i'd like to get made into a quality postcard. any suggestions?
  12. four at four forty four

    quick help - extra guests

    i need some advice on the fly... please. i had some guests return to the b&b tonight (it's 10PM here). i wasn't around when they came back. they left a note on the counter saying ' we invited two friends for breakfast, so you can bill us for that. see you at 8:15pm.' so what do you do? this is...
  13. four at four forty four

    monthly/seasonal emails?

    Do you send monthly or seasonal emails to guests that have stayed? What sort of system, if any, do you use? Outlook, constant contact? What works best? Any good response/bad response from guests?
  14. four at four forty four

    sick to my stomach

    So it's saturday, someone is checking in next friday. Two rooms/Two night. They just called to cancel Friday night and keep Saturday. I have a one week cancellation policy. When I reminded her of this she turned on her attitude, was short and rude. I told her if I can rebook the rooms for Friday...
  15. four at four forty four

    When someone books 'the whole place'...

    I know this may be a broad question, but I suppose that's what this is for... Anyway, what do you do when someone wants to book your entire bed and breakfast? Do you change your cancellation policy? Make it longer? Do you require a deposit? Do you offer a discount? Do you need to know the names...
  16. four at four forty four

    complimentary soda and bottled water??

    Do you offer complimentary soda and/or bottled water?
  17. four at four forty four

    Tea during breakfast...

    How do you serve your tea during breakfast? Loose leaf? Bag? How do you heat your water for tea? Always have a pot on the stove? Mircowave? How many types do you offer? I've been serving bag tea and heating the water in the mircowave. Sadly I feel like I'm committing murder as I know this is not...
  18. four at four forty four

    homemade jelly??

    I have made freezer jam before, but I'm looking for a recipe for jelly/jam that doesn't need frozen, but will seal it sell and last for a year or so...? Anyone have a favorite recipe? or can direct me some place to find one?
  19. four at four forty four

    I suppose I should introduce myself...

    Hi Everyone! I have just recently found this forum and very happy that I did. I suppose I should have said 'hello' before asking millions of questions. I recently (May 2008) purchased a bed and breakfast in the Northeast area of the country. I'm in a small town with few tourist attractions. Most...
  20. four at four forty four

    the 'best' part of waking up!

    Does anyone/has anyone every served 'adult beverages' for breakfast? Bloody marys? Mimosas? Bellinis? etc?