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    To Flash or Not to Flash

    Along the lines of what Swirt said, always look at your site in as many browsers as you can, including mobile. I'm sitting here with my brand new iPad and having to jump thru hoops to see anything with Flash. As a user, I "feel" that if sites are well made and money has been spent, then the...
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    My first guest

    I'm still Aspiring (the bank thinks they can get more than my offer, but that's another story.) The current owner and I have become friends thru all this and she asked if I would work the house while she went out of town. She only had 3 guests and I said, "Of course..." The first...
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    6 Things You Should Never Say To An Employee If You Want Good Service

    Don't you just love that? I had just bought 2 houses in a town about an hour from me. Not familiar with the locals, I went to the Sears store, that weeks advertisement in hand. I needed TWO houses worth of appliances... soup to nuts.... I told sales clerk I wanted 2 of the washer/dryer combos...
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    The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways....

    That's wonderful. How comforting to be in a HOME at such as tramatic time.
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    Do you give cash refunds on gift certificates?

    Would selling GC for nights instead of amount take care of that?
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    Getting a Clue

    Great article. I find that sort of thing facinating. What do y'all do in your own inns? Do you think it's mainly cleanliness?
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    Assuming goodwill

    Everything I do, buy or commit to, I pay for up front or put down a deposit. It seems to be accept business practice and I'm not offended at all when a B&B asks for a deposit. When I book condos at the beach, I always have to pay in FULL 2 weeeks before arrival. I don't think twice about it.
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    Disconcerting comments

    I thought about a video too. My SIL is an infomercial producer (yeah well) so I know I could have a professional one done. I thought about it being a tour of the house and grounds, maybe some shots of breakfast. Pros and cons?
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    Couples must be a legally married husband and wife

    Guess I'd better add that to my list.... As an aspiring, I want to get it right.... HAHA CC machine... check No morals..... check
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    Who will say go?

    True, but how sad.
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    Right there with ya'. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago, looking for a place to stay on my road trip. It definitely gave me some ideas for my site.
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    I'm STILL Aspiring...

    The bank I'm dealing with has advertized that it hasn't taken any bail out money for anything. But they told me that there's "stimulus money" for new loans. I don't qualify for it b/c it's not a NEW loan. I'm pretty sure they just make up stuff every time I go in there. They told me I could...
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    My practice breakfast

    We stayed at a B&B last week and there was WAY too much food. I had to try everything... I was doing research, after all.... and almost made myself sick. But everything was unique and I had to taste it. I will definitely encourage people to begin eating as it's served and will continue...
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    I'm STILL Aspiring...

    WOW! Could be that my bank is local or maybe it has to get to a certain point before all that bailout stuff kicks in. I'm thinking since the bailout money was mine to start with, they should go ahead and give me the house....
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    My practice breakfast

    I'm thinking I'll not do pancakes AT ALL. I bought a very expensive griddle a few years ago and the hot elements made stripes on the pancakes. I have an awesome Calphalon stove top griddle the sized of a dinner plate that makes wonderful, consistant pancakes, but obviously it's for home use b/c...
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    My practice breakfast

    My poor friends, family and co-workers have been subjected to my culinary experimentations for the past few weeks. Only a few disasters! For the most part they are happy to be my guinea pigs. Today, I decided I'd do a full breakast for 5. EK! Fruit dish was beautiful and tasty... oooo's and...
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    I'm STILL Aspiring...

    I'm sorry you had to go thru that. I hate that the current owner is in this position too. I've gotten to know her over the last month or so, she's done everything right (husband nutted up and ran off with bimbo.) She had to get a job to make ends meet and has neglected the Inn. Fortunately it's...