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  1. Joey Camb

    any word from Joe?

    Just hoping she got enough entries - any word?
  2. Joey Camb

    2 couples running a B&B

    lady we have known for a very long time is thinking of going into business with her friend ( 2 women will run the B&B and husbands will carry on working) have asked me for advise - feel this is a disaster waiting to happen. Things I have pointed out are (1) who is doing what? 2 - is the money...
  3. Joey Camb

    article about business cards just some really cool ideas of new and original business cards.
  4. Joey Camb

    new and novel attempt to prevent bad reviews! would point out that UK trading standards have made them take it off their terms and conditions and that it is officially illegal
  5. Joey Camb

    Good article! For anyone trying to get BB's to work together - they are making it work!
  6. Joey Camb

    Strap Lines

    I am trying to write a strap line but have hit a mental block - all I can come up with is "comfortable, convenience in the town centre of Harrogate" But is that even English? any suggestions, comments, anything?
  7. Joey Camb

    places to stay for my brother in law

    He's 25 and quiet, coming to New Orleans in April for the WWE (wrestling) as he's into that (watching not doing) and then is going to travel in the USA for about 3 months which we feel will do him a world of good as he has always lived at home with his mum. However don't want to cut him off in a...
  8. Joey Camb

    get your calendar's open!

    We do a rolling update of our availability ie as each day passes it goes on for the next year ie 10th of Jan today so 10th of Jan 2015 will now be available to book Was at a dinner of B&B owners 2 nights ago - sat with very nice couple who have a stunning B&B she was working but is now giving it...
  9. Joey Camb

    Another thing that drives me nuts - and what would you do about it?

    22nd of December 5pm booking comes through and OTA for that night, id forgotten to put the price up and this ota does an automatic 5% discount on the day so they got a 5% of an already very cheap off season Sunday night price. our last check in is 9.30pm, rang guest at 10pm no answer. Stayed up...
  10. Joey Camb

    Why are people so obsessed with the size of their bathrooms?

    Why is it everybody seems to want massive showers or bathrooms? they seem to be obsessed with wanting bathrooms the size of bedrooms, how long do people want to spend in them? is it a second bedroom they want to sleep in?Mr Cambs
  11. Joey Camb

    What to do about problem staff?

    Will do a quick sum up - we are a family business parents first with 2 grown up daughters as silent partners - they took on this chamber maid at that time 2005. My mother had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago so I stepped up to the plate and ended up with the chamber maid as well - who to be honest is...
  12. Joey Camb

    amazing article on B&B for Vets
  13. Joey Camb

    Looking for comments? all bbs are etc - blah
  14. Joey Camb

    make sure you back everything up

    I may have lost my entire booking database - from Jan onwards - due to a problem with my computer it wouldn't back up properly and when the man came to fix it, it may have wiped 3 months worth! So this is a salutary lesson to everyone! - I am sat here trying to work out how to do a housekeeping...
  15. Joey Camb

    Because we all need a laugh!

    CONFUCIUS DID NOT SAY... Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient. Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.. Lady who goes camping must beware of evil intent. Squirrel who runs up woman's leg will not find nuts. Man who leaps off cliff jumps to conclusion. Man who runs in...
  16. Joey Camb

    Top tips for staying at a B&B any thoughts?
  17. Joey Camb

    Marketing tips 99 free tips from the author of the hotel success handbook which is also a good read
  18. Joey Camb

    We got the Tour De France!!!!

    we just got the announcement yesterday (sorry John scotland was also competing) whoo hoo - so you will all be able to see Yorkshire on the TV all over the world!! it will start from leeds which is only 15 miles away! will definately be going to watch!
  19. Joey Camb

    Spreading the word about air B&B It is also repeated in the seattle post intelligencer - so you never know someone might read it!
  20. Joey Camb

    Top Props to Gillum for BB for vets!