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  1. Tom

    I've been raised from the dead...

    We're OK; fire evacuation started a half mile east. We got a lot of ash and anxiety. Trying to persuade DW to put in one suitcase all she was ever going to see again was ... difficult. Be we are spared and others are not. May be putting folk up; the calls for refuge I got in first days I...
  2. Tom

    I've been raised from the dead...

    And now ... SMOKE ... I recall you were mid coast Oregon, so Lincoln City fire? Hope all OK.
  3. Tom

    Funny story....right?

    Smoke detector circuit should not be on GFCI (Not sure how this topic relates to breakfast) I enjoy a full Scots ... in Scotland, particularly fond of haggis. I serve a lightened version of the basic full American. Used to be eggs to order, but serving single parties in the guest lounge one...
  4. Tom

    Repeat guests

    We added $10 to our three least expensive rooms, narrowing the spread -- now $175 to $195. I don't expect problems. If they have a reason to stay, they'll either come or they won't come. if they do, they'll be treated safely and with hospitality and it's a lot of work. Hospitality motto for...
  5. Tom

    Teslas keeping me in business

    Indeed, lots of Model 3. And even other automakers are providing longer range travel so I've installed a J1772 charger as well, I've had 2 Bolts. I was planning to put in solar to power all these .. and I probably will, but the economic uncertainty of recent times has put a damper on my plans...
  6. Tom

    Teslas keeping me in business

    A few years back, Innspired by postings here, I asked Tesla for a destination charger: free plus $200 to install. Cool factor for sure. We routinely got 6 to 12 Teslas a year in the course of normal business. Now, 4 out of the last 10 guests -- all I've had in two months! -- have found me...
  7. Tom

    Great news for us and for our guests

    We have the 1 day, although business is slow so it can be 2 days or 3 or, well 8 or 10 :) I do this for the housekeeper and to reassure guests. Surface transmission ("fomites" is the medical term) is a multi link risk and can be broken by you or the housekeeper washing and sanitizing for...
  8. Tom


    Wow! Close the kitchen. No way we let guests in the kitchen, even before COVID, they were all filthy, infectious, ... get a microwave for the guest area.
  9. Tom


    Good for you! ... and exactly what they should have expected from you, given the history.
  10. Tom

    Service Dog

    and, if you have 5 rooms or less, ADA does not apply. We happen to have 2 dog ok rooms, so I can appropriately book emotional support dogs as companion animals, and they always pay the $25 one time pet fee. With real service dogs, I try to book into dog ok rooms so as to not have a problem...
  11. Tom

    Posted on a FB Innkeeper Forum

    ditto. Not covered, but a possible way to get something if gov't uses insurers to dole aid.
  12. Tom

    What’s your plan for reopening?

    We're "open" in Oregon, but with very little actual business -- people who have to travel, not for fun, that's sure. Single men, out-of-area health care workers. We too are leaving at least a full day before housekeeping, serving plated breakfast (usually do anyway) either one at a time or with...
  13. Tom


    True that! But we pay houskeeping pretty well so not a problem for them. Any tips we get are more directed to special stuff we ourselves do: arrange for a family reunion, help with car problems, etc. so we keep the $ when it shows up. Myself, after I started innkeeping I sure started tipping...
  14. Tom


    Checking in ... we are dead. Well, not us personally, but the bookings are gone, place is shut down, no one travelling. We are sandwiched between Washington and California so obviously on the trajectory. DW is pretty stressed, makes it hard to shelter in place ...
  15. Tom


    Vodka is 80 proof which is 40% alcohol so even straight, it's not concentrated enough to act as sanitizer. Apparently 60% alcohol is minimum for a quick kill of a susceptible virus on a non-porous surface.
  16. Tom


    If a major event, such as Olympic team trials, cancels and eliminates a reason someone booked here, I'd be inclined to cancel or to rebate most of fees. I take a "do unto others" approach, DW, not so much. Hopefully it will shake out by May and become yet another flu bug we'll be dealing with...
  17. Tom

    Help! Coffee Maker Advice

    Too true. The paper catches fines and a bit of the bitterness. Buy brown ones and compost.
  18. Tom

    A Tale of Night & Day - First Two Reservations Ever

    Oh My! A terrible start. We innkeepers all have a few of these stories, they come out when the cream sherry is poured -- or for you, the rum punch. Good luck and be cheerful, most people are fun to host.
  19. Tom

    Please write down your final wishes

    Visit was a success, but very sad. Weather was mild, everyone arrived. Got the hospice, legal, final wishes done (and pre-paid). And talked; mother told stories of growing up on the shore. One brother brought a recorder so we'll have some of it. I had discovered a tape she made of her father...
  20. Tom

    Is this your policy? Fire and vapor free and don’t bring your own bottle

    As with others, we allow tobacco and marijuana smoke and vape only outside -- not in rooms, BUT we also make a big deal about no candles, etc. in room due to concern over fire. No problem with wine and beer I serve/you bring in Oregon.