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  1. Iris

    What else can we do for you?

    This sounds exactly like our story. We have never been busier, and raised our prices by $10 across the board. I have not had an opening since we started the season on June 12th - 6 weeks late. I still don’t have an opening until the 20th. very nice guests, not one stinker in the bunch. Many...
  2. Iris

    Should Go Private?

    No one here has ever named a guest by name. And why would anyone google to see if they've been discussed Not to worry, it's all good. Just my opinion.
  3. Iris

    Should Go Private?

    I am not here very often, the reason for that is that quite a few members are making such a secret out of keeping their "privacy" - it is annoying, to say the least. I am all for keeping it the way it is. I would not pay anything to belong to a forum of any kind.
  4. Iris

    Been away for a while...

    Same here. We are, and have been, so busy that I gave no thought to anything beside our guests and keeping everyone safe. Although it has been longer than a year for me to snoop around in here. People were so eager to get out of their home by mid June - it was an onslaught of people in northern...
  5. Iris

    What’s your plan for reopening?

    Same here. It's alright with us, we are not living off this income. I am having the same problems as everyone else, there are products out there (Google says so) that are "hospital grade cleaners", but I can't get my hands on them.
  6. Iris

    A Tale of Night & Day - First Two Reservations Ever

    Hello all, I haven't checked in here for a very long time. Ha, I have a story for you that a fellow innkeeper here in our tiny, sleepy town experienced. On the first day of taking over this small motel, they had someone commit suicide in one of their rooms. How'bout that to start one's...
  7. Iris

    "We love your website!"

  8. Iris

    Too busy to check in

    I agree and that is fine with me. I don't want anyone staying with us that doesn't like what we offer. It is a state of mind
  9. Iris

    Too busy to check in

    Hi all, I have been over the top busy this August. My son coming to visit, having just graduated from US Navy nuclear engineering school in Charleston, and business booming. I found this little commentary in my little local paper and I think you might want to read it...
  10. Iris

    Talk about stupid people

    Yes, I have had to stand outside and wave a number of times myself. We have a big, colorful sign in front of our big house. I even told that woman how many miles she is away from us. She drives in the opposite direction. I have a lengthy description on how to get here from all 3 directions on...
  11. Iris

    Talk about stupid people

    I am on the phone, for the 3rd time with someone who is not able to find their way to my place. She is exactly 2.2 miles north of me. We are on a major scenic road. No one misses this place. I can't wait to see what comes out of the car, should they ever get here. Duh. My patience are wearing...
  12. Iris

    what a night I am venting double time....

    Yes, the dreaded bicycle clubs. Same here, in summer, I don't need the extra work and aggravation. Come during the shoulder seasons, but never ask me for discounts. Those that do, make the most work for us. We have a laundry service. I could not possibly do anything besides my own household's...
  13. Iris

    Here's the TA review you NEVER want!

    hmmm, I don't always believe these things. Years ago someone in one of our cottages complained that his girls had been bitten by fleas. Immediately I called my OR KIN man and he did an extensive search with a glue trap. The only thing he found was a few hairs. Not a bug, fly - nothing...
  14. Iris

    what a night I am venting double time....

    I have to wonder how much laundry someone on a short trip has to do. I am baffled As for the ruined sheets, you don't have the guest's mailing address and other particulars?
  15. Iris


    I had one of those as well. Don't understand it. One of my competitors got a scathing review with 4 stars?
  16. Iris

    what a night I am venting double time....

    Sheesh, people are getting to be really awful. So, did you kick them out? They certainly deserved to be.
  17. Iris

    Its A Sign

    I love it. Looks very, very nice
  18. Iris


    So, until you hear from the corporation, are you blocking those dates out in your calendar? Just asking because what would happen if others make reservations for that time?
  19. Iris


    I would definitely contact the guest and explain the situation. People are pretty reasonable and having the 3rd night paid for, how can they complain. Crossing my fingers
  20. Iris

    After 3 nights...

    oh the stollen hangers. I have a budget for replacing hangers. Grrrrr. I had one couple leave 35 wire hangers. Granted they stay 3 weeks each year and they love my hangers. They are lucky that I like them or...