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  1. ChrisandShelley

    People (rolling eyes) 🙄

    I normally don't complain about guests on a forum but I'm not worried about these people knowing how to operate a computer, much less knowing how to get on a forum. One guy came down and told me he mixed a drink with Apple slices. He tried to flush the core and stray pieces, but it clogged up...
  2. ChrisandShelley

    Work Campers! Great Idea!

    Last year, we added an RV pad to a small spot on our property behind the event center. We hired a work camper who lives in their RV full time to work as a housekeeper/dishwasher, etc. Since I was on the road, we needed to get some help for Shelley, and it's been hard to find good workers here in...
  3. ChrisandShelley

    My Favorite Complaint Ever

    Back in July, we hosted a youth Old Time Band Camp at the venue, so we had some great kids playing music every where! Our guests loved it, except for one lady who complained (in the sweet, passive-aggressive way) that she obviously wouldn't get a nap. She and her husband were nice, but most of...
  4. ChrisandShelley

    A Reintroduction--It's Great to Be Back

    I found my last post to be almost 2 years ago and it hit me how long I have been out of the loop. It is wonderful to be back in the innkeeper's role again after almost 2 years of absence. Since it has been a while, I thought I should start fresh with a new introduction. My wife Shelley and I...
  5. ChrisandShelley

    Living the B and B Dream -- Responding to Reviews

    Due to a family emergency, I had to wait a couple of weeks to do our next video. I did a presentation type of video this week, focusing on how we respond to reviews and use them as marketing opportunities. Please take a look and let me know what you think. YouTube is the second largest search...
  6. ChrisandShelley

    Our Springtime Flowers

    My contribution to our gardening is that I don't touch our flowers at all. We are blessed to have a wonderful couple who loves gardening and loves the area. We trade free stays for them and their family and they do all of our gardening for us. The flower beds are in year 3 of their multi-year...
  7. ChrisandShelley

    Living the B and B Dream -- Interview with the Innkeeper

    On our Living the B and B Dream channel, we don't want to just share our Bed and Breakfast Dream, but others as well. We took a couple of days away from the inn to stay at the Bartee Meadow Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs. Vista was delightful to talk to and she generously granted us an...
  8. ChrisandShelley

    Living the B and B Dream -- Interview with the Innkeeper

    We are enjoying this new YouTube video thing. It takes up some time, but it's a fun thing Shelley and I can do together. Since our channel is not just about us, we interviewed Vista White from Bartee Meadow Bed and Breakfast last week. Part 1 is out now.
  9. ChrisandShelley

    Biscuit Video and Renovation Video

    We're several videos deep into our weekly video blog and things are going well. I'm getting better at editing and we're getting a handle on our conversations. Mostly. On the Start Up renovation video, we had a blooper that we just had to share. Homemade Biscuits Video...
  10. ChrisandShelley

    Latest Video -- Ukulele Workshop Weekend

    Here is our latest YouTube video.
  11. ChrisandShelley

    New YouTube Channel -- Living the B and B Dream

    Shelley and I have been doing some research into using YouTube (which means we've been watching a lot of it) as a marketing tool for our BnB and our area. We've decided to start a YouTube channel called Living the B and B Dream. We'll share some our lives as innkeepers, local happenings, tips...
  12. ChrisandShelley

    Making it through the Off Season Financially

    Does anyone have a specific rule of thumb for what they save for off season expenses?
  13. ChrisandShelley

    Back for More

    Hello, all. It has been a while since we posted. I feel like a bad friend who lets time pass by without checking in. This B&B thing has gotten out of hand!!! Seriously, though, it has been busy. We remodeled, increasing our rooms from 6 to 8, then built two new handicapped accessible and pet...
  14. ChrisandShelley

    Feeling Bad About Our Absence

    Greetings, all. Shelley and I thought that during this lull between our second and third season we would have some time off. Well, we did....sorta. Shelley had knee replacement surgery, and that went well. She is still recovering, but PT is helping quite a bit. Our new event center is up and...
  15. ChrisandShelley

    What shampoos and conditioners do you use?

    It's time to order shampoos and conditioners again. Wasn't totally thrilled with my last ones. The packaging was pretty, but the shampoo wasn't the greatest. So wondering where all you get yours and which you have found to be the best?? Also what price point do you like to stay at?
  16. ChrisandShelley

    Our Book is Published! One Year Down

    We just celebrated one year as innkeepers on June 1st. Our book about our first season "The Wildflower Bed and Breakfast: Our First Season" is now published! We decided to share our experiences during our first year and also pass along advice to aspiring innkeepers as well. The Kindle version...
  17. ChrisandShelley

    housekeeping staff and time frames

    My husband is usually the one to post here, but this question falls more in my area. As new innkeepers we kept the former housekeeper who we believed was doing a fantastic job. In the beginning,as we were new and overwhelmed, we were thankful to just hand it over to her. She does a fantastic...
  18. ChrisandShelley

    Our First Folk Festival

    We've been innkeepers for almost 10 months, covered almost all of the events. The annual Folk Festival was a couple of weekends ago in April. We were more nervous about this festival because the returning guests have been coming here some for 30 years. We shouldn't have been worried, though. It...
  19. ChrisandShelley

    Updates Renovations, and New Situations

    Hello, All. Like Highlands John, I've been off the boards for a while. It's been a surprisingly busy February finishing our winter renovations and having two full weekends! March promises a better month as well. We're finished putting mini-fridges and large flat-screen tv's with built-in DVD...
  20. ChrisandShelley

    Ductless Air Conditioning

    I say Silverspoon mention this in another thread. This is something we are considering doing for a couple of our rooms. Our downstairs AC is going on 40 years old, so it is inevitable that it will conk out, most likely at the worst time, like the weekend. I was thinking about putting a ductless...