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  1. Proud Texan

    ReservationKey Vacation Mode?

    Does anyone know if ReservationKey has a "Vacation Mode"? We're going to Europe for three weeks this fall and I want to turn off our online reservations system while we're gone because internet access will be hit and miss. We really don't want have to worry about dealing with business while...
  2. Proud Texan

    Our Elopement Package is a Success

    We started our Elopement Package last fall. It has been very well received and is very profitable. We received this 5 Star review today: This was the best decision on a weekend get-away/elopement we could have made! The hospitality and food preparations were simply perfect. Our ceremony was...
  3. Proud Texan

    ReservationKey Server Down?

    Has anyone else had problems logging into ResKey? I can't access it from my website or through direct login. Written at 6:28 p.m. CST 06 Aug 2013
  4. Proud Texan

    ResKey Issue

    I just had a reservation go through ResKey without a complete address or zip code. ResKey processed the request, but the deposit was not charged because there was no zip code. An automatic email response went out acknowledging the request, clearly stating that this was not the confirmation...
  5. Proud Texan

    Innspiring Google Chrome and iPad

    This one is For Swirt. Whenever I click the bookmark for in Chrome, I get the dreaded red screen with a warning that something is "not right" with the site, telling me to go back to the previous page or try later. When I click the bookmark a second time, the site opens...
  6. Proud Texan

    Anyone done a mobile website?

    I just set up a mobile version of my website. For those thinking about doing this, know that what you end up with is the "Cliff Notes" version of your regular website. What I'm having an issue with are my links to ResKey and to my Guest Reviews widget on B&, neither of which have mobile...
  7. Proud Texan

    ResKey Question

    Does anyone know if there is a feature in ResKey that will allow you to tag guests as "returning guest", so that when they book again you will know that they are return guests? I continue to embarrass myself by greeting returning guests as if I've never seen them before. Part of the reason...
  8. Proud Texan

    Proof of Age Requirements

    I wanted to get the group's take on this. In the state of Texas, it is illegal to sell or provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. This creates a dilemma in that persons over the age of 18 are considered adults and can vote, get married and serve in the military. Our minimum age...
  9. Proud Texan

    How do you POLITELY get rid of lingering breakfast guests?

    This question is for small B&B owners who interact with their guests at breakfast. We commonly serve breakfast at 8:30 a.m. When we have only one couple at breakfast, many times they ask us to sit and have coffee with them. Depending on the guests, this is mostly a very nice experience and...
  10. Proud Texan

    I'm starting to hate phone reservations.

    Individuals that make reservations over the phone, I find, have never seen our website, never read our policies, don't know where we are located, etc. etc. I had a jerk call and make a reservation today and most of the above listed information applied. I explained our cancellation policy...
  11. Proud Texan

    Our First Wedding

    I'm about to perform my first wedding ceremony in about 45 minutes. I think we are ready and both DW and I are psyched! This is the son of a friend and we are doing this mostly gratis with the understanding that this is our "practice" wedding. His father is a carpenter who built us an awesome...
  12. Proud Texan

    Reservation Key Question

    I would like to "Add a Room" to my property, but I can't see anywhere that this can be done. Right now, we have two units and I should be able to have up to four with my current setup. If I go under the Properties Tab and select Rooms/Units, shouldn't it allow me to add a room?
  13. Proud Texan

    R.I. P. Electric Coffee Maker

    Our 2-year old /14-cup KitchenAid Coffee Maker passed away this morning. A short memorial service was held (after a brief panic and period of cussing). Fortunately, we had our old Mr. Coffee machine boxed up and handy and made it through breakfast this morning. I guess it did an O.K...
  14. Proud Texan

    Dry Run for our New Elopement Package

    DW and I have been working at a fever pitch to put together our new Elopement Package (thank you Kathleen for the innspiration!). It's coming together nicely and though not yet posted, I've compiled the web page featuring all the information. We hope to roll it out next month. We wanted to...
  15. Proud Texan

    We have a new well!

    They just completed the installation of our tank and pump system for our new deep well. The water is awesome! We will now have enough water to install an area wide irrigation system to keep this place green and maybe save a few trees along the way. They drilled to a depth of 560 feet into...
  16. Proud Texan

    Sometimes sticking to your guns sucks!

    Without getting into a discussion of Gift Certificate expiration dates, I will state that our Gift Certificate has an expiration of 6 months. We have our reasons. Please no lectures. This only means that the recipient has to make a reservation within the 6 month period. It can be for two...
  17. Proud Texan

    Do you take American Express Credit Cards?

    Do you take American Express Credit Cards?
  18. Proud Texan

    Splash Screen for WiFi local area network

    I'm wanting to have a splash screen that shows up whenever guests logon to our WiFi network. I need to be able to basically reroute the guest to a subdirectory of my website where they would land on a welcome screen and then be able to get information on places to eat and things to do. Anyone...
  19. Proud Texan

    Getting paid with a prepaid credit card.

    I've been Googling all afternoon trying to find an answer to this one. For those of you who take credit cards (online or in person), do you know if there is anyway to discern if a credit card is a regular card or a "prepaid" card? We require at least one-night's full payment as a deposit when...
  20. Proud Texan

    Is the heat affecting your reservations?

    Just curious, is this unusual heatwave across most of the U.S. affecting your reservations? Ours seem to have slowed down considerably because we are geared more to the outdoor enthusiast and it's too dang hot to be outdoors. We have seen and upsurge of midweek reservations (mostly...