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  1. Cbz

    Wedding Invitation

    Hi All, I am getting married on Dec 4th this year. All of you are cordially invited to be with us on this auspicious day. The venue is Rock Garden, Chandigarh ( The wedding reception will take place in April next year @ my hometown i.e...
  2. Cbz

    Thank you All

    We just barged in at No.3 spot @ Top rated B&Bs of India as per TA A big thank you to all of you for your inputs & suggestions which invariably helped me tackle situations. Thanks again!
  3. Cbz

    Flushed Out >.<

    Blocked sewerage system of 2 rooms.... some guests have been flushing down sanitary napkins/diapers. Put up a note in the bathroom requesting guests to put them in the paper bag and then throw in bin... they started flushing it down after wrapping it in paper bags. Never really appreciated fresh...
  4. Cbz

    Tripadvisor reviews from Home computer

    2-3 couples just checked out from our place. While leaving they said they have already reviewed us on TA from the laptops/ Internet dongles we provide to our guests after they logged in their FB account from it. Is that going to be a problem? Somebody told me TA doesn't take reviews coming from...
  5. Cbz

    Water crisis

    Facing acute water shortage here. Have received 500 litres of water in 5 days! & recent guests haven't been helpful at all; they used up like 5000 liitres of backup water storage in 2 days. so now all tanks are empty. Should i put up any note in guest rooms, does it help? All i ever hear is...
  6. Cbz

    Forum Chat Window

    Is it possible to have some sort of chat window on this forum <Inbuilt or pop-out>? Just for general chatting while on this site or for quick thoughts & keeping the forums for regular posts/broad opinion? Didn't know where else to post this query.
  7. Cbz

    Tours & Travels Scam

    Dear Sir/Ma, We represent White Travel &Tours Inc, A company based here in the united kingdom and we deal with different organizations. I have just received a request for a regular Conference Meeting from our Corporation headquarters and would be sending a group of 4 person from one of...
  8. Cbz

    Marketing Cost

    How much do you all spend marketing your B&B directly? I am spending 0, nothing, nil! The only marketing price that i pay is the commission taken by booking sites which is fine since they are taking money out of a confimed booking.
  9. Cbz

    Self contained Unit/Apartment

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I am planning to throw open 2 of my other properties/self contained apartments soon & start advertising them. Apart from the points we already discussed, i need your advice on the following: 1. What is the standard occupancy, if any, for apartments? 2. Is it...
  10. Cbz


    As much as i hate getting directly to the point, am facing some issues [and this happens to be the peak season here.] 1. Guests kicking the lid of dustbin in order to "open" it.... misunderstanding the "Press here to open" arrow - which means press the paddle to open the bin! 3 dust bin lids...
  11. Cbz

    Greetings from India

    Hello All, I own a B&B homestay in the hill station of Shimla, in India. For 8 months, I have been searching for some forum to help me in this concept as it is totally new for me and i didn't know where to look for suggestions. I was directed to this site by a community manager of...