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  1. josh

    What form of payment is most used at your B&B?

    What form of payment is most used at your B&B?
  2. josh


    Anyone else having problems with Webervations? I keep getting an error message when I am sending confirmations back, I had to retype this one 3 times, GRRRRR
  3. josh

    Feedback on my Web Site!

    Hello all, I am looking at having my Web Designer Freshen" My web site, What suggustions might you all have to add, change, delete? If you were a customer /Guest looking at it? Remember I have a Bed and Breakfast, and 2 Guest/Vacation Rental Homes. Thanks, I appreciate your Feedback in advance...
  4. josh


    OK, not sure if this is the right area to Post! "Swirt a General section would be great" Question is what age limit "youngest do you allow your guets to be? I have a Guest whom is below 21 and her Dad paid originally for here 2 month stay, she decided to extend her stay by 1 month 2 weeks ago...
  5. josh

    What is Cup and Pillow?

    Just wandering what cup and pillow is? Got a postcard a few months back and not sure what it is?
  6. josh

    Guest Evaluation Forms

    How many of you do Guest Evaluation Forms and leave them in the Guest Rooms for Feedback. I am looking at designing one and wandering what to ask? or say? Should I just ask them to feel them out or just leave them like a "commment card" I stayed at 2 B&Bs in Vancouver BC recently and they had...