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  1. JimBoone

    Should I Sell A Service?

    Odd thought would there be any benefit to you to offer "patio" service at a specific time (or perhaps at an inconvenient time for the guest to discourage the practice) beginning or ending of your serving times so that your efforts are not split between areas.
  2. JimBoone

    Fail to Plan... Plan to Fail

    Isn't that the truth, those folks tickle me, at least good for a laugh. They call, seem impressed, "you have the cheapest rates in town", and then start asking for DISCOUNTS. Nope, I don't play the game, I quote the discount price to everyone up front. I have said, well I could add $100 and give...
  3. JimBoone

    Beach session

    Are you picking on me :)
  4. JimBoone

    Fail to Plan... Plan to Fail

    We go up a small amount, I'm usually behind in my level of pricing, the tradeoff is nice, easy-going guests who leave good reviews since they got more than expected and many become regulars, makes for a good life.
  5. JimBoone

    Unhappy Guests Want Discount

    I don't use the services of OTA's but was under the impression that their reviews "may" be more limited to an actual guest experience. TA doesn't have any restriction. Potential guest called when wife was cooking supper, told him what the rate would be and went to the office only to find a room...
  6. JimBoone

    Stairs and Private Bathroom

    GoodScout, as one of those old people, it does seem that when/if we get travel it requires taking everything but the kitchen sink with you on a trip. Fortunately, as the one toting the junk, ours didn't go to the 3rd floor, but included my suitcase, her suitcase, "Big Bertha" the oxygen machine...
  7. JimBoone


    Have raised slightly for summer, maybe $5, likely could raise more to avoid being too cheap, I'd have to take out a mortgage to pay the rates I see some around here asking. Of course, I remember when my favorite place in our area went from $10 to $13 and I thought it was awful.
  8. JimBoone

    Pleasing the Irish

    Guess I'm just country, grew up in a house with lead pipes, drank that water and from the garden hose. Sometimes I miss that old South Georgia water with the marsh grass flavor. Don't bend so well today, but back when it was not unusual to just bend down and drink from the bath faucet, maybe it...
  9. JimBoone

    Pleasing the Irish

    Had a system like that at my last "day job", the rainwater only supplied the toilets, there was a sign over each toilet saying, "don't drink the water", somehow that didn't seem necessary for most of us that were employees.
  10. JimBoone

    Unhappy Guests Want Discount

    Jerry Clower - The Resort Hotel_0001.wmv - YouTube I guess I'm just country, but this old Jerry Clower song/tale comes to mind quickly
  11. JimBoone

    Mattress Questions

    @WesternMass Suppose I was fortunate to have a mattress shop a few doors down the highway from our 8-room motel. On my last purchase I spoke with the owner/operator and asked his advice. Like you wanted nice quality but not high expense. I also asked if we could get a "deal" as I was a neighbor...
  12. JimBoone

    Tesla becoming reliable market

    Never felt like I was the sort of place that attracted the initial Tesla owners but with the push towards EV's over the coming years that could change
  13. JimBoone

    Reservation Software

    Thanks, Momma Smurf and Arks, maybe thrifty is a better word to use. I've always felt the bottom line was the important number. We attempt to spend on those things that are important to our guests and be thrifty in other areas. Reservation Key does everything I could think of needing and much...
  14. JimBoone

    Reservation Software

    Guess I'm just a cheapskate, Reservation Key is $44 for my size property, less for smaller properties. I do pay another $10 to folks that host my website. Mom and pop so not much "management needed" and don't use OTA services, that cheap side of me again.
  15. JimBoone

    Guidance on developing a Liability Waiver agreement

    Agree with Morticia's comment. Would a plain-spoken document listing the dangers serve the same purpose, "enjoy looking at the pond ONLY, don't feed the Alligators, we like return guests".
  16. JimBoone

    New guy - hoping to open this fall

    Welcome, sound like fun, I started because I wanted to run a motel, didn't seem that difficult if you like people.
  17. JimBoone

    Reservation Software

    We use Reservation Key, well, for 20 plus years we used pencil and paper until folks here pushed me to use RK and book online. Try it a month for free, very inexpensive, can link with several payment processors, we use Authorize (through our bank Wells-Fargo) I do a sort of split system, small...
  18. JimBoone

    Pursuing a B&B

    I'm the odd guy, mom & pop motel, 8 rooms & 16 beds, winter season for skiers, and a summer/fall season, our area probably fits that 8 to 9 month of business. We have used those off months for holidays or projects at various times. My question, why do you want to go into this business? Not...
  19. JimBoone

    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    Just me, but I didn't desire daily cleaning. To me it meant I had to put things away or my "junk" got moved around and wouldn't be found where I had left it sitting. So much of hotel daily cleaning seemed busy work, the perception that they were helping, but not really doing much as the room...
  20. JimBoone

    Back to Daily Cleaning? Neatening? Yea or Nay?

    I created a Facebook survey of sorts and asked my guests/followers if they preferred the bedspread or the triple sheet styles. 10 to 1 preferred the crisp style of triple sheets. I don't expect that to change back.