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  1. Iris

    Too busy to check in

    Hi all, I have been over the top busy this August. My son coming to visit, having just graduated from US Navy nuclear engineering school in Charleston, and business booming. I found this little commentary in my little local paper and I think you might want to read it...
  2. Iris

    Talk about stupid people

    I am on the phone, for the 3rd time with someone who is not able to find their way to my place. She is exactly 2.2 miles north of me. We are on a major scenic road. No one misses this place. I can't wait to see what comes out of the car, should they ever get here. Duh. My patience are wearing...
  3. Iris

    After 3 nights...

    Ugh, this couple has been staying for the last 3 nights. I saw them a few times and, like I do, I asked them every morning if there was something that I could do for them or if they needed anything. "No, everything is nice." Tonight, we talked about the chickens for quite a long time, when she...
  4. Iris

    Guest injured, ugh

    A very well loved guest of ours started her vacation with us 3 days ago. Yesterday she fell at the municipal marina and broke her elbow and shoulder. I am so sorry for that and at the same time so relieved that it didn't happen to her here. But I also was afraid that she would go back home to...
  5. Iris

    Select Registry

    our fb page was liked today by someone by the name of S usan from Se lect Re gistry. are they getting desperate? We most certainly don't fit their profile and would never spend the money belonging
  6. Iris

    Answering the phone

    ...might be more important than you think.
  7. Iris

    You're it - I need to vent

    Can I please throw up all over youse guys for just a moment, since I cannot spill my guts anywhere else? For quite a few years, we sort of discouraged people from bringing their kids. Then a couple of years ago, when we decided to take reservations online, grrrrr, kids started to magically...
  8. Iris

    I am a grammar nerd

    Well now, I have always been pretty self-assured about my English, after all, I speak with a very slight accent and am usually pretty fabulous (LOL) when I speak it. Today I learned something new. In my cottage descriptions it said, until today, "complimentary" coffee. I wonder how many peeps...
  9. Iris

    If they all had common sense...

    hahahaaaaa, this morning, at around 9:30, 2 guests were sitting outside their cottage, walking around their cottage, walking in front of our home until precisely at 10 am, they jumped into their car and started pulling out. I caught them and thanked them for staying with us. But I just...
  10. Iris

    Not even mid-season yet

    I am a dork! I always text guests when/if their cottage is ready before the regular check-in time. Well, I did that this morning, before my 1st cup of coffee for a guest that's not checking in until tomorrow. egg on my accommodating face
  11. Iris

    I found this and wanted to share

    Rusty wrote about me on his blog. The first time I read it, I was stunned. Now what he says is being echoed quite a bit. I must be doing something right. Excuse the indulgence The Innkeeper’s Wife Actually, the innkeeper is the wife. My brain is still up north in the Frankfort area. It’s...
  12. Iris

    I could be working outside...

    Instead, here I sit, answering cancellation emails. Blah
  13. Iris

    Ugh, when you loose...

    ...a nearly $ 4500 reservation to someone who has been a regular for a very long time. I can't even "punish" them with any fees. I want them to come next year and don't want to create a ruckus for a couple of dollars. I want to cry. Luckily I have a waiting list and could fill 6 nights...
  14. Iris

    Perfectly Poached Eggs

    Not sure if any of you have poached eggs in your menu - this tip comes from the kitchn dot com and I will try it tomorrow morning...
  15. Iris

    new booking agent

    Hey now, I never thought I would maybe be interested in such a thing. Here, take a look and tell me if I should let that guy onto the property and if so, what do I watch out for? Please and thank you "Ryan <[email protected]> Attachments5:35 PM (1 hour ago) Hello, My name is Ryan...
  16. Iris

    Well it finally happened

    Not since the advent of our website in 1999 have we had anyone saying "we made a mistake, this is not what we want, my wife wanted something much more luxurious and beautiful, can I have my money back?" All the while all other cottages are occupied with people who are singing our praises out...
  17. Iris

    Something I don't understand

    Hi all, yet another review on tripa dvisor states that a review was made by a friend? None of these guests are friends of ours. Doesn't that look strange to someone reading this a review from a friend? Or do I look at this the wrong way?
  18. Iris

    Tell me again please

    Tell me again why it is so important for most of you to keep your identities so secret.
  19. Iris

    Pictures of the innkeepers

    so, I was just snooping around some of your websites and it occurred that none of the ones that I have seen, including my own, has a picture of the innkeepers. A long time ago I read somewhere that it is a pretty good idea to do that, it "makes the website more personal". Now I know why my...
  20. Iris

    Why have a blog...

    Please do not take the following as criticism. I am only wondering out loud: With everything that I have read, so far, about successful blogging, I am surprised that so many members of this forum have blogs and don't work on them. So clue me in, why are you not making regular entries into...